Scream Queen Filmfest Tokyo: A Two-Day Celebration Of Female Horror Directors

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Scream Queen Filmfest Tokyo: A Two-Day Celebration Of Female Horror Directors
While it has long been popular for the horror genre to put female performers in the spotlight in front of the camera, female directors working in the horror genre are too-often pushed to the sidelines. However, the last couple of years has seen a huge surge in the number of women directing horror movies, in a charge led by the likes of Jen & Sylvia Soska (American Mary), Helene Cattet (Amer, The Strange Colour of Your Body's Tears), Emily Hagins (Grow Up Tony Phillips, My Sucky Teen Romance)  and Jennifer Lynch (Chained, Surveillance), and in the world of short films, names like Axelle Carolyn, Jovanka Vuckovic and Isabel Peppard are proving increasingly synonymous with the horror genre. And it looks like Japan is about to get in on the act too.

Scream Queen Filmfest Tokyo is a brand new short film festival, taking place from 26-27 October, dedicated entirely to short horror films by female directors. The festival is the brainchild of Mai Nakanishi, herself a genre filmmaker currently involved in horror anthology The ABCs Of Death 2, in which she is producing segments from Sono Sion (Cold Fish, Why Don't You Play In Hell?) and Ohata Hajime (Henge) with long-time Sushi Typhoon stalwart Marc Walkow. 

Taking place at the Uplink Factory in Shibuya, the two-day event boasts a wide selection of short films from all over the world, including new live action and animated works from many of the biggest names in the genre, while also providing an excellent springboard for emerging female filmmakers to showcase their work alongside more established directors. If you're in the neighbourhood this is definitely going to be worth checking out.

Here's the official description from the festival's website:

Scream Queen Film Festival Tokyo is an event dedicated to showcase and promote female filmmakers in the horror genre. Our festival is subsidiary of annual "L.A Viscera Film Festival"- a festival that features fearsome creations of female genre filmmakers. We are holding our very first screening event on October 26th and 27th in Shibuya, Tokyo to showcase horror and dark fantasy shorts directed by women from all around the world. We hope that Scream Queen Film Festival Tokyo becomes an outlet that shows unique visions that female artists bring to horror.

For full details fo the festival line-up, screening schedule and ticketing information, be sure to check out the official festival website, using the link below. You can also check out the festival trailer.
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