SAVE THE GREEN PLANET Director's Latest HWAYI Gets A Full Trailer

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SAVE THE GREEN PLANET Director's Latest HWAYI Gets A Full Trailer
Ten years on from the cult smash Save The Green Planet, and Jang Joon-hwan is back with his sophomore effort, Hwayi, a more conventional looking if still decidedly left field take on the crime thriller. Todd shared the teaser last month, noting that it's taken Jang quite a while to get a second flick off the ground due to his first actually flopping on his home turf. The full trailer for Hwayi arrived today and is embedded below. But since it doesn't have English subs I actually recommend reading the plot synopsis first, something I rarely do recommend -- it'll make for a better watching experience. Unless of course you know Korean, then by all means...

Hwayi is a boy living in a farm village, who was raised by 5 fathers. His fathers are known criminals and the police nicknamed them as 'Daytime Monsters'. One day, the group is commissioned to kill a man named Lim and his wife. Apart from the leader Suk-tae, rest of the group feel something odd about this particular contract, but Suk-tae is adamant to carry out this job with Hwayi in tow. This is the first time Hwayi has ever tagged along for a job and discovers a photograph of a child in Lim's house. Suk-tae hands his gun to Hwayi and orders the boy to kill Lim. Despite his plea, Hwayi is forced to pull the trigger. He becomes ill after committing his first kill, and realizes that the boy in the photograph looks uncannily familiar.

While we don't have a release date, a full trailer would suggest a release in Korea fairly soon... as in hopefully by the end of the year.
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RoboticPlagueSeptember 5, 2013 5:56 PM

STGP is one of my favorite korean movies. I have high hopes that this movie can deliver the goods.