First Teaser For DHOOM 3 Is Kind Of Underwhelming

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First Teaser For DHOOM 3 Is Kind Of Underwhelming
The world has been impatiently awaiting a first look at Dhoom 3, the third installment of Bollywood's biggest action franchise, and it's finally here, for better or for worse.

The Dhoom series has reigned over the box office for the last decade, thanks to a largely potent combination of big name movie stars, big action, and big laughs. With the big time backing of major Bollywood studio Yash Raj, Dhoom has made its way into the Indian everyday vernacular, with an easily recognizable title tune and its over the top action on wheels, this is The Fast and the Furious with more singing and dancing.

While this first look should be something to knock our socks off, it is actually kind of disappointing with the shoddy looking action sequences teased at in this first footage. We do get a look at the major players, series vet Abhishek Bachchan and newcomers Katrina Kaif and new villain Aamir Khan, but nothing to write home about. Each of these actors is big enough in Bollywood to launch their own films, but the combination should - and probably will - equal box office gold, but we all know that doesn't necessarily correspond to a watchable flick.

The action in the trailer, the series' hallmark, looks really cheap. Whether it's Bachchan obviously hanging from a ladder in front of a green screen or Aamir Khan's poorly staged motorcycle-under-a-semi stunt in the trailer, the whole thing seems like a second rate 80's action flick. I seriously hope that the full film works these really sad looking moments into a narrative worth watching, because as of now I have very little hope for this one.

For a long time Dhoom was the unchallenged king of Bollywood action, but with the killer one-two punch of 2008's Race and its 2013 sequel, there is a serious contender for the throne. The Race films easily surpass Dhoom in nearly every category apart from star power, though both series have given major roles to Bollywood's biggest beefcake, John Abraham (Dhoom, Race 2). I'm a mark for the completely over-the-top action and twist-a-minute plotting of the Race series, not to mention Anil Kapoor's epic scenery chewing.

The one thing that had me interested in this film more than anything was Aamir Khan's involvement. Khan has slowed his output to a film per year, so when he puts his name on something, we've come to expect quality. However, in this case it appears that he may have jumped on the wrong train. Only time will tell.

Now, dear readers, I leave it to you. Am I completely crazy?

Dhoom 3 releases worldwide on December 12.
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