Feel The Cold And Loneliness of THE QUISPE GIRLS In First Clips

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Feel The Cold And Loneliness of THE QUISPE GIRLS In First Clips

The Chilean film Las niñas Quispe (The Quispe Girls) had its world premiere at the International Critics Week at the Venice Film Festival this weekend. The independent section of the festival groups together seven debut feature films from all over the world. It has garnered some positive reviews and also managed to grab some distribution deals from Frank Mannion's Swipe Films. 

Also today, Fabula (the production company that brought us films like No and Gloria) released three brand new clips that show us how the visual style of the film will be, and you can watch them below.

The synopsis of the film reads as follows:

Based on facts that happened on 1974, Las niñas Quispe tells the story of the sisters Justa, Lucía and Luciana Quispe, sheperds of the Andean Plateau, who live a solitary life. The grief after the death of one of the sisters and news from afar, triggers in the Quispe sisters an existencial questioning that will lead them to a tragic end.

Doesn't that sound like the best movie you'll see this year? The film stars Catalina Saavedra (Old Cats, The Maid) and Fernanda Gavilán (Violeta Went to Heaven), and is directed by first time director Sebastíán Sepúlveda. It has no planned Chilean release.

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