Aliens, Lasers And Space Boobies Galore In SPACE DANDY Trailer

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Aliens, Lasers And Space Boobies Galore In SPACE DANDY Trailer
Space Dandy is the latest animated series from Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop creator/director Watanabe Shinichiro and he has taken madness to new heights. There really is no way I can begin to describe the mental sugar rush that awaits you in the trailer below! The series is set to debut in early 2014 so you will just have to watch this trailer over and over and over again! 

I do not want to take up any more of your time so this is a brief description of the series that I found... Space Dandy (stylized as Space☆Dandy) is an upcoming Japanese anime series directed by Shinichiro Watanabe and produced by Bones. The series will follow Dandy, an alien hunter who is the "dandiest man in space", in search for aliens with his robot assistant QT and a cat alien named Meow. The series will begin airing in January 2014.
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  • loempiavreter

    The space pirate Cobra is the dandiest man in space, Jean-Paul Belmondo long lot brother in space.

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