TIFF 2013 Wavelengths Stretches Out With A LOT of Features

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TIFF 2013 Wavelengths Stretches Out With A LOT of Features
Like last years documentary-feature-slash-anthropological-thesis Leviathan, the Wavelengths section at this years Toronto International Film Festival has a lot of 'quasi-commercial' feature films on offer for the hardcore and casual cinéaste or cinephile.  In particular, Ben Wheatley's experimental and baffling A Field In England, which is already available on Blu-Ray in the UK, but here is getting its North American theatrical premiere at the festival; it promises a surreal and unusual experience in the dark.  Albert Serra's Dracula and Cassanova meditation, The Story of My Death, made with non-actors and drawing comparisons to his 2008 'Three Wise Men' feature, BirdSong is a highlight of the programme, Also, Tsai Ming-Liang's Stray Dogs is tucked away in here, too.  And worth mentioning are feature films from Estonia (A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness), Cambodia (The Missing Picture) and Nepal (ANAKAMANA).  The full list of features, as well as short and medium length films are listed below.



A Field In England Ben Wheatley (UK) 
A Spell To Ward Off The Darkness Ben Rivers and Ben Russell (Estonia-France) 
I'm The Same, I'm An Other Caroline Strubbe (Belgium) 
a ultíma película Raya Martin & Mark Peranson (Canada-Denmark-Mexico-Philippines) 
ANAKAMANA Stephanie Spray & Pacho Velez (USA-Nepal) 
Pays Barbare Yvervant Gianikian and Angela Ricci Lucchi (France) 
TheStory Of My Death Albert Serra (Spain-France) 
Stray Dogs (Jiao You) Tsai Ming-Liang (Taiwan-France) 
The Battle Of Tabatô Joao Viana (Portugal-Guinea-Bissau) 
The Missing Picture (L'image Manquante) Rithy Panh (Cambodia-France)
The Police Officer's Wife Philip Gröning (Germany) 
The Strange Little Cat Ramon Zürcher (Germany)               
'Til Madness Do Us Apart Wang Bing (France-Hong Kong-Japan)
Three Interpretation Exercises (Trois Exercises D'interprétation) Cristi Puiu (Romania-France) 


Wavelengths 1: Variations On...

Variations On A Cellophane Wrapper David Rimmer (Restoration courtesy of Academy Film Archive) (Canada)
Pop Takes Luther Price (US)
Airship Kenneth Anger (US)
El Adios Largos Andrew Lampert (Mexico-US)
The Realist Scott Stark (US)

Wavelengths 2: Now & Then

Instants Hannes Schüpbach (Switzerland)
Pepper's Ghost Stephen Broomer (Canada)
Man In Motion, 2012 (Homme En Mouvement, 2012) Christophe M. Saber, Ruben Glauser and Max Idje (Switzerland)
Flower Naoko Tasaka (Japan-US)
Constellations (Konstellationen) Helga Fanderl (Germany)

Wavelengths 3: Farther Than the Eye Can See

Farther Than The Eye Can See Basma Alsharif (UAE)
Main Hall Philipp Fleischmann (Austria)
45 7 Broadway Tomonari Nishikawa (US)
Bann Nina Könnemann (Germany)
Dry Standpipe (Suchy Pion) Wojciech Bakowski (Poland)
Gowanus Canal Sarah J Christman (US)
Nefandus Carlos Motta (US-Spain)

Wavelengths 4: Elysium

Trissákia 3 Nick Collins (UK)
Brimstone Line Chris Kennedy (Canada)
Listening To The Space In My Room Robert Beavers (Switzerland)
Mount Song Shambhavi Kaul (US-India)
Natpwe, The Feast Of The Spirits Tiane Doan na Champassak and Jean Dubrel (France-Burma)


Un Conte De Michel De Montaigne And The King's Body And Redemption

Un Conte De Michel De Montaigne Jean-Marie Straub 
The King's Body (O Corpo De Afonso) Jõao Pedro Rodrigues 
Redemption Miguel Gomes                               
A Thousand Suns And Letter To A Refusing Pilot

A Thousand Suns (Mille soleils) Mati Diop                             
Letter To A Refusing Pilot Akram Zaatari                  
Three Landscapes Preceded By Song And Spring

Song Nathaniel Dorsky                                                               
Spring Nathaniel Dorsky 
Three Landscapes Peter Hutton
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