Omar Rodriguez Lopez's LOS CHIDOS To Be Screened In Mexico City For The First Time

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Omar Rodriguez Lopez's LOS CHIDOS To Be Screened In Mexico City For The First Time

The prolific artist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, current member of the band Bosnian Rainbows, released his second feature film Los Chidos more than a year ago, when it premiered at SXSW in March 2012. Rodriguez-Lopez has performed in Mexico many times with such acts as The Mars Volta, Vato Negro, Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group and Bosnian Rainbows. And now is time to enjoy outside of the Internet his work as a film director, as Cine Tonalá will host the first (and only) official screening in Mexico City of Los Chidos on Friday, August 16.

Ryland Aldrich called Los Chidos a "brilliantly absurd journey"; here's an extract of his review:

"Leave it to Omar Rodriguez Lopez to create one of the wildest, most innovative, and full on challenging films of the year. As a founding member of The Mars Volta, Rodriguez Lopez helped define a brand of progressive hard rock music known for its wild, innovative, and challenging nature. In LOS CHIDOS, Rodriguez Lopez shows he just about has the directing chops to be the force on screen he has long been on stage."

Cine Tonalá, Lemur Entertainment, El Navajo by Apodaca and Rodriguez Lopez Productions are making possible this screening of Los Chidos. It's a one of a kind event, called "Cinema Extravaganza", that offers on the same ticket a performance of the Mexican rock band Apolo. Rodriguez-Lopez has always supported this band, and I actually saw them perform live as the opening act of Vato Negro in 2011.

So Mexico City, don't miss the chance to watch Los Chidos on the big screen! You can check here the price of the ticket and schedule

Note: The official website of Cine Tonalá indicates that this is the first time Los Chidos will be exhibited in Mexico. Originally, this note said that as well. However this is not the first time as Los Chidos was part of the Riviera Maya Film Festival 2013 back in April.
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