Larry Fessenden, Simon Barrett And More On Radio Drama Series TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE

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Larry Fessenden, Simon Barrett And More On Radio Drama Series TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE
As a child of the 90s, you wouldn't think that I'd be a fan of radio dramas. But I am. Chalk it up to the Star Wars Radio Dramas on NPR (say wha?), The Shadow, Orson Welles, and the fact that I myself loved doing voices and sound effects into a tape recorder.

So it's quite awesome to discover that Glass Eye Pix is doing a horror radio play series, or well, doing a second season...

Tales From Beyond The Pale, season two will be hitting the interwebs on Friday, September 13th, at $2.99 an episode. Larry Fessenden hosts the series and has directed one episode as well. And why might you want to pay attention to this project? Other horror filmmakers on board include Simon Barrett (You're Next), Joe Maggio (Bitter Feast) and Glenn McQuaid (I Sell The Dead). Lending their vocal talent to the series are Vincent D'Onofrio, Sean Young, Kate Lyn Sheil and James LeGros.   

Fessenden on the series:

"Tales From Beyond The Pale is such a consistently thrilling project to be part of, because we are working in a format that brings both nostalgia and innovation to all the artists involved. On the one hand, everyone has some affectionate recollection of the audio stories they heard as a kid, and on the other hand we are all pushing the limits of the format in a new and contemporary direction. It's a blast, and a welcome break from visual storytelling."

For more info on season two, and to give a listen to season one, check out the official site.
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