Fantastic Fest's Fantastic Market Announces New Projects

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Fantastic Fest's Fantastic Market Announces New Projects

Fantastic Fest has just announced the first projects selected for Fantastic Market / Mercado Fantastico, the international co-production market that debuts at this year's festival.

Ten different countries are represented on the list and ScreenAnarchy readers will certainly recognize most of the names there. Representatives of the projects will make pitches at the market in Austin, and a jury made of Fantastic Fest founder Tim League, director Robert Rodriguez and other industry professionals will select and award the top three.

Here's the full press release:

Austin, TX - Thursday, August 22 -- Fantastic Fest is proud to announce the 16 selected projects for the inaugural edition of its international co-production market: Fantastic Market | Mercado Fantastico. The market runs from September 19th through September 21st, 2013 in Austin, Texas. Fantastic Fest runs from September 19th through September 26th.

The public response to Fantastic Market's call for submissions was astounding. Many excellent projects seeking co-production partners were received. The selected projects represent a diverse mix of international talent, including many Fantastic Fest veterans. Seven of the 16 selected projects propose to film, at least partially, in Texas. Full details about each project are available on the co-production market website. The projects are as follows:

Director: Emilio Portes (Meet the Head of Juan Perez; Pastorela)
Producer: Rodrigo Herranz Fanjul, Pastorela Películas (Meet the Head of Juan Perez; Pastorela)

Director: Adrian Garcia Bogliano (Cold Sweat; Penumbra; Here Comes The Devil)
Producer: Andrea Quiroz, Salto de Fe Films (Cold Sweat; Penumbra; Here Comes The Devil)

Director: Batan Silva (Rays of Light; Nonna's Trip)
Producers: Sandra Avila & Monica Bider, Avila Entertainment
Cast: Damin Bicher and Olga Kurylenko

Director: Dennison Ramalho (first feature)
Producers: Pablo Torrecillas, Rodrigo Castellar, and Dennison Ramalho, TC Filmes & Pagan Film

EL DUENDE (Colombia)
Director: Jorge Navas (Blood and Rain)
Producer: Diego Ramirez, 64-A Films (Perro Come Perro)

EL PLATA (Argentina)
Director: Tamae Garateguy (Pompeya; She Wolf)
Producer: Jimena Monteoliva, Crudo Films (Pompeya; She Wolf)

Director: Rodrigo Gudiño (Last Will and Testament of Rosalinda Lee)
Producers: Marco Pecota & Lilia Deschamps, Rue Morgue Cinema & Someone at the Door Productions

Director: Juan Martínez Moreno (Game of Werewolves; A Good Man)
Producers: Enrique Lopez Lavigne (28 Weeks Later; The Impossible) & Belen Atienza (The Impossible; Open Windows) & Maria Angula, Apaches Entertainment

Director: Isaac Ezban (first feature)
Producer: Andrea Quiroz, Yellow Films (Cold Sweat; Penumbra; Here Comes The Devil)

SMALL TOWN (Uruguay)
Director: Gustavo Hernández Ibáñez (La Casa Muda)
Producers: Pablo González & Ignacio García Cucucovich, Mother Superior

THE SUMMER HIT (Uruguay / Chile / Brazil)
Director: Pablo Stoll (25 Watts; Whisky)
Producers: Florencia Larrea, Kiné-Imágenes (Bonsai; Young and Wild) & Pablo Stoll Ward & Pablo Torecillas, Temperamento Films & Tc Filmes

Director: Edgar Nito (first feature)
Producer: Rodrigo Frias, Pimienta Films

US VISITOR (Argentina)
Director: Nicolas Goldbart (Phase 7)
Producer: Sebastian Aloi, Aeroplana SA (Phase 7)

Director: Alejandro Brugués (Juan of the Dead)
Producers: Claudia Calvino & Alejandro Tovar, Producciones de la 5ta Avenida (Juan of the Dead)

Director: Ernesto Diaz Espinosa (Mandrill; Kiltro; Mirage Man)
Producer: Derek Rundell, 6 Figure Films (Mandrill; Kiltro; Mirage Man)

YAMAHA 300 (Mexico)
Director: Jorge Michel Grau (Somos Lo Que Hay)
Producer: Mayra E. Castro, Velarium Arts

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