BREAKING: Eastwood To Replace Spielberg On AMERICAN SNIPER

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BREAKING: Eastwood To Replace Spielberg On AMERICAN SNIPER
It was earlier this month that Deadline broke the word that Steven Spielberg was withdrawing from American Sniper, a bio-pic set to star Bradley Cooper as real life Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. Dreamworks withdrew at the time as well, leaving Warner Brothers fully in control and it appears that they have found their replacement.

Twitch has learned that Clint Eastwood has gotten the nod to take over the directing assignment. Will Bradley Cooper stay on as the lead? More than likely yes as he's also on board as a producer. No word on a planned production start.
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  • mightyjoeyoung

    "Twitch has learned that Clint Eastwood has gotten the nod to take over the directing assignment."

    Well.....I know a lot of people who true believers at the Church of Eastwood......but I´m not one of them.

    The films Eastwood has directed have hardly made an impression on me (yeah, I do include Million Dollar Baby(2004), Changeling(2008), J. Edgar(2011) etc) but it all depends on what Warner/Eastwood wants to do.

    If this biopic is more like Flags of Our Fathers(2006) & Letters from Iwo Jima(2006) then I guess they might make some money.
    But if Warner is trying for a gritty, darker, war film, then I think Eastwood should be replaced......he is too sentimental.

    Thanks for the news, Mr Brown.

  • Rhonda Crouse Norton

    mightyjoeyoung,did you graduate yet?

  • mightyjoeyoung

    Megatroll, go to bed......mommy doesn´t know that you are using her computer.

  • Rhonda Crouse Norton


  • mightyjoeyoung

    Yeah sweetheart, it brings smile to your face I many user accounts and so little to say.

  • Rob Mulligan


  • ickles

    Eastwood is a better fit for the material than Spielberg was.
    And, what the heck, I'll jump in. Well, the old, sane Eastwood was. Now I worry that it will just be a guy standing there asking his sniper rifle insane questions for 2 hours.

  • Yojimbo

    I think one of the reasons Eastwood is such a good director is that he can turn round on set and ask his empty Directors chair for direction.
    Fantastic ability to have when one sometimes acts in ones own films.

  • TheAngryInternet

    Interesting if true. Wasn't Spielberg also originally attached to direct Flags of Our Fathers?

  • Thomas Zack

    Eastwood's a great director - when he's not talking to fucking chairs.

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