Stefano Bessoni Sings GALLOWS SONGS In New Teaser

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Stefano Bessoni Sings GALLOWS SONGS In New Teaser
Italian director, illustrator and general renaissance man Stefano Bessoni has appeared in these pages many times before and he returns today with a teaser for a new short film project titled Gallows Songs. Employing what looks to be a great deal of stop motion animation, the film is a sort-of spin off to his previous work Krokodyle and based on the poems by Christian Morgenstern. With macabre tinged stop motion making a big time comeback in recent days he seems to be arriving on the scene at a good time and the quality of the work is remarkable. Take a look at the teaser below.
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  • TheGhostOfGriffinMill

    Awesome awesome awesome.

  • Guro Taku

    Any idea why his films are so hard to find? IMAGO MORTIS has gotten DVD releases in Italy and Spain at least but everything else Bessoni has done seems to have vanished after making the festival rounds.

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