Sex Addiction And A Lonely Indonesian Taxi Driver: SOMETHING IN THE WAY Trailer

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Sex Addiction And A Lonely Indonesian Taxi Driver: SOMETHING IN THE WAY Trailer
An official Berlinale Panorama selection from Indonesia earlier this year, Something in the Way comes from director Teddy Soeriaatmadja following his 2011 well acclaimed Lovely Man. with cast Reza Rahadian, Ratu Felisha, and Verdi Solaiman. (Reza Rahadian played as former Indonesia president in last year Indonesia top grossing film Habibie & Ainun).

I haven't had a chance to check it out yet, since it doesn't have a theatrical release date in Indonesia -- maybe due to its more indie nature, production, and distribution, or because of sensitive thematic issues -- but Lovely Man is one of the best Indonesia pictures i watched last year. and this trailer looks promising.

Here's the official synopsis. Check out the trailer below!

Ahmad is a taxi driver in Jakarta. He is addicted to the sex on offer in magazines and videos, the sex he would buy if he could afford it, but which he can only experience alone in front of his television or when secretly masturbating in his taxi. His lonely nights are punctuated by the conversations he overhears between other taxi drivers in which they make snide remarks about prostitutes and talk disparagingly about their wives. Contrasting with his nocturnal solitude are his daily visits to the mosque, where he learns about the importance of purity, morals and the Koran. A flicker of hope appears in Ahmad's life when he falls in love with his neighbour, a prostitute named Kinar, and begins to act as her driver. But her pimp blocks their relationship. The clash in modern Jakarta between sex as a product and the moral pressures exerted by his religion only confuse Ahmad who wants nothing more than to save Kinar and himself from this sinful life. Shots of the city by night, gloomy interiors awash with red and green, diffuse streetlights and fragments of faces caught in the taxi's rear-view mirror attend him on his increasingly disturbed sorties across the city.

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marshy00July 23, 2013 10:53 PM

I'm seeing this today, looks very cool.