Korean Box Office: PACIFIC RIM Cashes in on Korea's Robot-philia

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Korean Box Office: PACIFIC RIM Cashes in on Korea's Robot-philia
Business was a healthy 2.62 million admissions (in line with last year) over the frame as two big releases duked it out for the top spot. The local market share was down to 40%, well below last year's 60% but unsurprising given the big new release the past weekend.

Title Release Date Market Share Weekend Total Screens
1 Pacific Rim (us) 13/07/11 44.30% 1,160,636 1,372,731 1005
2 Cold Eyes 13/07/03 34.60% 1,003,049 3,540,435 801
3 World War Z (us) 13/06/20 11.60% 345,896 4,891,909 383
4 Killer Toon 13/06/27 3.50% 107,173 1,091,116 244
5 Lone Ranger (us) 13/07/04 1.20% 34,668 370,829 229
6 Secretly Greatly 13/06/05 1.10% 34,319 6,932,959 141
7 The Adventures of Jinbao (ch) 13/07/04 0.80% 25,199 71,029 116
8 Side Effects (us) 13/07/11 0.70% 18,697 23,441 170
9 The Croods (us) 13/05/16 0.30% 8,998 936,699 39
10 The Master (us) 13/07/11 0.20% 6,561 9,282 38

2013 - Cold Eyes (Poster 2).jpg
Leading the frame, though perhaps with a thinner margin than expected, was Guillermo del Toro's robots vs. monsters smash 'em up Pacific Rim. With 1,160,636 admission it fared a good deal better here than it did stateside. Its success does not come as a big surprise as Korea has demonstrated a keen appreciation of all things robot at the box office. Among the most successful films of all time here are Transformers 2 and Iron Man 3, while many other global hits have floundered. Will Korea's robot-philia keep Pacific Rim high on the charts? I imagine it will have some more strong business in store but it is unlikely to repeat at number one.

Cooling only 25% after a stellar debut was the Korea thriller Cold Eyes, starring Sol Kyung-gu, Jung Woo-sung and Han Hyo-joo. Reviews have been strong and clearly the word-of-mouth has kicked in, given it a healthy 1,003,049 admissions during its sophomore frame. Its total currently stands at 3.5 million and 5+ million finish seems assured.

2013 - Killer Toon (Poster 1).jpg
Beginning its march out of theaters was the Brad Pitt zombie film World War Z, which drew another 345,896 spectators for a total that is about to eclipse 5 million. A very strong result.

Killer Toon lost half its business in week 3 for 107,173 but is now over the 1 million mark, a significant achievement for a K-horror.

Rounding out the Top 5 was Lone Ranger as it plummeted almost 85% in its second week for 34,668. A disastrous performance.

All eyes will be on the big-budget 3D baseball playing gorilla film Mr. Go this week. It's certainly to claim the top spot, but how far will it go?
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