Gorgeous Full Trailer For The Japanese Remake Of Clint Eastwood's UNFORGIVEN!

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Gorgeous Full Trailer For The Japanese Remake Of Clint Eastwood's UNFORGIVEN!
A lot of positive buzz was generated when the two short teasers for the Japanese remake of Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven were released. We now have the full trailer to show you, and it looks absolutely gorgeous. 

Lee Sang-il, the acclaimed director of Hula Girls and Villain (Akunin), is at the helm of the remake. The action is now set in late 1800's Hokkaido with the lead actor Ken Watanabe playing a long retired samurai drawn back into action by the combination of poverty and a large bounty, at a time when Japan largely abandons the old ways to adopt a more modern stance. 

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  • MrRocking

    Which one's Morgan Freeman?

  • Lysander

    The older grey-haired one that kind of looks like a Japanese Morgan Freeman.

  • Mad_Dog_Yayan

    Looks amazing, can't wait to watch it

  • Harry Hollay

    Wow, after westerns inspired by samurai movies, we have samurai movies inspired by westerns ! Looks gorgeous by the way.

  • krakar

    Spaghetti Samurai, looks great. Maybe this could be a perfect time-and place-period for Tarantino to try next.

  • Sojourner

    Please no. I'm tried of Tarantino "trying" to do Asian film aesthetic and failing so miserably. Let him just make goofy movies with influences if he like but let's not pretend he gets "Asian" films.

  • MasterXan

    3 comments in and no haters but plenty of haters with the Oldboy remake? I thought the haters have principles?

  • elijah_106670

    The principle tends to be that it's bad when America remakes things, but Japan is cool and has swords.

    I, meanwhile, was on my way in here to call bullshit on another unnecessary remake.

  • Casshern666

    ha ha ha Clint Eastwood had a career thanks to Yojimbo's remake. If this movie is unnecessary so were The Magnificent Seven and A Fistful Of Dollars.

  • Hiroaki Johnson

    Which took a lot from Hammet's short stories. People are unnecessarily strident about remakes or adaptations in my opinion.

  • Chuck

    now all we need is a English subbed version!

  • Sengoku

    Can't say I cared for the Clint Eastwood version, this however looks epic!

  • Steve Austin

    Wow really? As a rule I usually don't like westerns but I was impressed with Unforgiven. It was an exception to my rule.

  • MrRocking

    Why I oughtta!

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