Euro Beat: 7 Highlights From A Visit To The Set Of Jean-Luc Godard's 3-D FAREWELL TO LANGUAGE

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"Experience has taught that we never learn anything about a film by visiting the set... We can capture an atmosphere, a way of being and acting, trying to discern intentions, but we never get a complete or tangible impression." So says Olivier Séguret somewhere around the midpoint of his lengthy article in Libération recounting his visit to the Swiss set of Jean Luc-Godard's upcoming 3-D feature, Farewell to Language.

So why bother writing one at all? Well, his show-stopping 3-D short The Three Disasters certainly stoked the appetite of cinephiles for even non-news about his upcoming companion feature. But more importantly, even if we don't learn anything about the film from a visit to Godard's house, we can learn some pretty amusing and/or fascinating stuff about Godard himself, notably the way that, at almost 83 years old, he's embracing new technology with the curiosity and spirit of someone a quarter of his age.

Click through for several more highlights (translated from French) from the article, and then stick around for new briefs from Denmark, London and Spain, as well as the latest European box office report!

1. Your home movies probably have a bigger crew than Godard. According to the article, the entire crew for the film consists of, "the director and his two, two ... Two what? Together, Jean-Paul and Fabrice Battaggia Aragno are assistants, managers, production managers, script supervisors, secretaries, costumers, technicians, editors, cinematographers, sound engineers, responsible also for restaurants, taxis, money and water bottles."

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mightyjoeyoungJuly 7, 2013 6:46 PM

"Click through for several more highlights"

hahahhahah....took me almost an hour to find those damn arrows......the design on this site is getting the upper hand on me.....

"A pioneer in new Spanish cinema, Elias Querejeta, has passed away at the age of 78"

I don´think I´ve seen any of his films, RIP anyway.

"Controversial Cannes Palm D'or Winner Blue is the Warmest Color will apparently not be France's submission to the Oscars this year because of its release date."

Ah......well, if Spielberg wasn´t afraid of the sexscenes then the oscar academy won´t either......I think.

But they say it was the release date, fine by me.

Good work, and thanks for the wrap up Mr Clark.