The Holocaust Serves As Backdrop For Psycho Sexual Thriller IN HIDING

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The Holocaust Serves As Backdrop For Psycho Sexual Thriller IN HIDING
Assuming that filmmakers around the globe wish to continue making films about the Holocaust - and given that such films are routinely trotted out as awards bait in countries across Europe, I would assume that is the case - then I would suggest they need to find a new approach to the material. It's not that the historical events are no longer worth talking about - they are - but that the subject matter has been so overworked that viewer fatigue set in long, long ago and none of it seems to matter at all any more.We've seen the story so many times that it has become little more than noise.

And so Polish director Jan Kidawa-Błoński has found a different story, one that goes in some surprising directions, with upcoming feature In Hiding (W Ukryciu).

Radom under Nazi occupation. A photographer and his daughter Janina, a cellist, try to survive in the harsh reality. To Janina's surprise, her father decides to give shelter to Ester, a young Jewish woman. Over time a bond forms between the two women which makes it easier for them to cope with their difficult situation. When the father is taken away by the Nazis and the women are left to fend for themselves, their relationship becomes increasingly obsessive.
The synopsis reads in typical enough fashion but the moment you see the first teaser you realize that the director is not at all going where you expect him to be going here and what's being hidden is not so much Ester but a blooming lesbian relationship and a tendency towards violence. Take a look at the very intriguing teaser below.

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