The First Trailer For AMBASSADA Brings Hitler Into The 21st Century

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The First Trailer For AMBASSADA Brings Hitler Into The 21st Century
Juliusz Machulski, the director of many awe-inspiring hit Polish comedies (Vabank, Sexmission, Kiler), is going to tackle the topic that many Polish filmmakers have worked on since time immemorial. Meaning his next has a lot to do with World War II and Adolf Hitler. However, don't let the first impression from the trailer fool you - AmbaSSada (the double S is intended as it stands for the elite Nazi unit called Schutzstaffel) is an inventive surrealistic comedy that merges the past and present through a magical elevator that works as a random time traveling machine.

A young couple that's about to move to a new apartment discovers a dark secret behind the history of their seemingly typical town house. Alternating between 1939 and 2012, the two heroes find themselves close to the devil himself: Hitler (played by the most sought-after Polish character actor of the year, Robert Wieckiewicz), who is shown in a totally mocking light, sometimes with the infamous mustache, sometimes without it. What makes the film even more interesting is the fact that Nergal (controversial frontman of the black metal band Behemoth) plays Ribbentrop. And although it seems that the movie might be a little dialogue-heavy, it's still fun to see Hitler getting mocked by a modern-day Polish bartender who takes him for an imposter. 

Watch the trailer in comically distorted German with Polish subtitles below.
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toniJune 25, 2013 6:14 AM

The german is not comically distored, It is just plain bad and hard to understand. Apart from that I like what I am seeing.