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The creative forces behind the hit short film Yellow and documentary Visiting Uwe have joined together for a new sci-fi road movie, Fonotune - An Electric Fairytale

Directed by Fabian Huebner, who previously helmed the documentary about controversial filmmaker Uwe Boll, Visiting Uwe, Fonotune stars Japanese actress Yamashita Yuho and Watanabe Kazushi, star of Miike Takashi's classic Visitor Q. There is also an appearance from the superb Japanese punk band, Electric Eel Shock (who I've seen play live and are utterly insane).

Shot on location in Japan and, among other places, the salt flats of Utah, the first teaser for the film has just been released, and frankly it looks pretty gorgeous. As well it should, the cinematography is from Jon Britt, who was responsible for the startling look of last year's giallo-inspired short, Yellow. ScreenAnarchy has got its hands on the first teaser trailer for the film, as well as a few images and some pretty cool artwork, and I have to say, I like what I see so far.


Fonotune is an Electric Fairytale set during a single strange day in an undefined time and world.

It follows the stoical drifter MONO and the teenage street hooker STEREO on their odyssey through a calm urban chaos, as they deliver a white cassette to a mysterious person unknown. It's a Road-Movie with a Science-Fiction touch, a film about the significance of details, strange encounters and ultimately, maybe even the end of the world.

While it's still early days, this first look has a definite The Man Who Fell To Earth aesthetic going on, mixed with a Daft Punk vibe on the soundtrack and in some of the visuals. Suffice to say, this teaser has definitely piqued my interest and I'll be keeping tabs on Fonotune as it moves forward.
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  • Eric

    looks fantastic!!

  • Once

    Looks pretty fascinating

  • Kintaro

    Looks dope!

  • rich

    maybe the worst trailer i've ever seen. 3 people with a camera, an afternoon and no ideas somehow wind up on twitch.

  • marshy00

    Really? Watch more trailers.

  • Skaters gonna skate.

  • Very cool. Is this a short or a feature?

  • It's going to be a feature.

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