More Disembodied, Context-Free Action & Violence In New SINGAM 2 Teaser

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More Disembodied, Context-Free Action & Violence In New SINGAM 2 Teaser
It's unfair to pre-judge a film based on a 42 second teaser, right? Well, I'm trying my damnedest, but the first couple of teasers from Suriya's Singam 2 are not yet inspiring confidence. This latest bit of footage introduces a new villain character played by Danny Sapani (Trance, Mercenaries), though who or what he is isn't terribly clear. There's a lot of chasing, very little actual fighting, and some yelling. That's about.

It's no secret that I'm a Suriya fan, but that has largely to do with the man's screen presence and charisma and less to do with his last few films, unfortunately. Singam 2 has some big shoes to fill, and I'll be there in the cinema on day one, but my expectations continue to plummet with each new piece of promotional footage. Hopefully a full trailer will bolster my spirits a little, but I'm going to try to contain myself until that appears.

Singam 2 opens worldwide on June 14th (as of right now)
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  • Snoop Lion

    Looks awesome!

  • arturo

    This will be funnier than The Hangover Part 3...

  • notmuch

    This going to be hilarious.

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