Michael Mann's Untitled Cyber-Crime Flick Has Started Filming

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Michael Mann's Untitled Cyber-Crime Flick Has Started Filming
After Luck killed one too many horses on HBO and Public Enemies fizzed both narratively, visually and fiscally on the big screen, it looks like Michael Mann is getting back to a big old genre flick, presumably. 

Tentatively titled Cyber via the ever reliable IMDb (I kid, I kid) but not indicated as such in the press release, the film has started production with actors Tang Wei (Lust-Caution, Wu Xia), Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and the always magnificent Viola Davis (Solaris, Doubt.) 

New Mann is always a thing to celebrate, and I already look forward to 2014 to catch whatever the maestro is in the process of cooking up.
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  • Wang Lee-hom, don't forget him too. LOL

  • Qinlong

    I thought Public Enemies was superb.

  • harumph

    Well, Public Enemies was a big old genre flick too, so...

  • Kurt

    Most of us have been unable to put PUBLIC ENEMIES into any easy box...I'm actually quite a fan of the film, but feel like I'm well in the minority.

  • Snoop Lion

    I walked out of Public Enemies halfway through. It didn't help that the cinema only seemed to have two-track front speaker sound, which added to the sense of aural and visual distress I felt in that film

  • I love Public Enemies. I think the last act of that movie is one of the most impressively executed and oddly moving stretches in recent Hollywood history.

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