KINOTAVR 2013 Begins in Sochi, Russia

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KINOTAVR 2013 Begins in Sochi, Russia

For an ordinary Russian, June marks the much-awaited beginning of the holiday season. It's a time to take out dusty suitcases, refresh foreign language skills, book tickets and finally set out to new horizons! ...well, maybe just the dacha. Anyway, you get the picture.

For the more enlightened fraction of the population, however, June brings not only sunshine and vacation, but (perhaps more significantly) one of the most anticipated film-related events of the year -- KINOTAVR (or Cinemataur, but that just doesn't sound as nice).

So, what is Kinotavr? Let's see. The country's biggest film festival. A stepping stone in the careers of many famous Russian filmmakers and actors. A Russian Sundance, as some call it. But most importantly, it is a search for the best productions - both mainstream and art-house - and most talented among the nation's film crowd. The festival witnessed the evolution of Russian cinema in the post-Soviet times, and is now a major part in its development, and, of course, a cultural hot spot.  

The 24th annual Kinotavr opens on the 2nd of June in the sunny city of Sochi, located on the coast of the Black Sea, which is really not as black as they say. The festival promises to be interesting as always with various screenings, discussions and presentations, debutants competing with experienced contestants, and the overall delectation that always takes place during the festival. But to find out whether it has fulfilled the promise or not, we will have to wait until after the finishing ceremony next week.


Note: no, the Cinemataur logo is not a half-person, half-movie, sadly. That would have been fun, though.    


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