Jackie Chan Planning Stage Musical About His Life!

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Jackie Chan Planning Stage Musical About His Life!
As I write this I am less than 24 hours away from seeing this international action star introduce one of his finest martial films, Legend of Drunken Master, here in Toronto on Wednesday night. 

As a primer I've discovered that Jackie Chan is planning a stage musical adaptation of his biography I Am Jackie Chan: My Life In Action

Chan said the musical will be told through his voice as narrator of his life, focusing on his early youth, his time spent performing acrobatics with the children's performance group the Seven Little Fortunes and his quest to step out from behind the shadow of the iconic Bruce Lee.

If you follow the Chinese entertainment industry long enough you know that a lot of the time the music and film industries go hand in hand. Many stars cross over and dabble in both forms and Jackie Chan is no exception. He was raised in the Chinese opera and has expressed a love for musicals from an early age. Color me intrigued. We expect our Hong Kong based writer/editor James Marsh to be front and center on opening night! 

Jackie Chan will be in Toronto to present some of his best martial arts films as part of the A Century of Chinese Cinema program at TIFF Bell Lightbox. Specifically his films are part of SWORDSMEN, GANGSTERS AND GHOSTS: THE EVOLUTION OF GENRE CINEMA, which we here at ScreenAnarchy are pleased as punch to be presenting. 
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ColinJJune 12, 2013 4:18 AM

So, is the version of DRUNKEN MASTER 2 you'll be seeing be the Weinstein cut?

Andrew MackJune 12, 2013 9:07 AM

I really hope not. But likely it will be... (sigh)... beggars cannot be choosers. This will be as close as I have ever gotten to Mr. Chan. I saw him a number of years ago at a gala function he put on in the Rogers Center. This goes years back. Me and my friend might have been the only gweilos there, waaaaaay off in the distance from the stage.

ColinJJune 13, 2013 2:46 AM

I've met Jackie twice, as a member of his Australian fan club back in the day.

Back in '97 we spent the entire day and evening as his guests while filming MR NICE GUY. Then again when he came to Sydney for RUSH HOUR and to sign copies of his autobiography.

The set visit was amazing. We got to meet Jackie, Sammo Hung and Richard Norton. We got to wander around the house set that gets destroyed by a giant truck in the finale. Then, to top it all off, we were all taken out to dinner by Jackie and his crew at a local restaurant. Jackie even bought each table a bottle of wine then did a small-scale Q&A where we got to ask him questions.

It was a great experience.

Simon de BruynJune 13, 2013 4:06 AM

Sounds like you'd enjoy Quest of Jackie Chan, a personal documentary being made by Maria Tran, another Australian fan. I haven't heard any updates for a while though.