First Teaser For New Italian TV Series DIABOLIK

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First Teaser For New Italian TV Series DIABOLIK
No one knows anything about it. There's still no director attached and no cast has been announced. All we know is that Italian broadcaster Sky is producing a new Diabolik TV series  through their production company, Sky Cinema. The famous comic celebrated its fifty year anniversary in 2012, and at the end of the year a teaser was presented to introduce the series along with a second highly anticipated new show: Gomorra, adapted from both Matteo Garrone's movie and Roberto Saviano's book.

Diabolik is the 007 of the dark side, he's a violent and ruthless thief far from any possible comparison with Arsenio Lupin or Robin Hood. He's a greedy man who, together with his fiancé Eva Kant, loves to steal gold and jewels and to live in comfort and luxury, always trying new ways to pursue is goal with surreal or absurd technologies.

It's hard to say if we should start having any expectations after watching the two minute long teaser, where Italian swimmer Lorenzo Benatti acts as the body of Diabolik but not as the character. It tries to impress the audience with a couple of action scenes clearly set in the center of Rome, while Diabolik's blonde lover Eva Kant and inspector Ginko are both turning their back on the camera. 

We're now in the middle of 2013 and maybe someone has now been called to direct the 13 episodes that should try to get their distance from Mario Bava's cult classic Danger: Diabolik - a well known and appreciated action flick outisde Italy, where the great director is hardly remembered with pleasure. Which is one of many reasons to fear what Sky Cinema is producing in its studio, a company that barely shows a satisfying curriculum with both its productions and co-productions, with just a few titles worthy of remembering (Il Divo, Balancing Act), and too many that we are still trying to forget.

The state of contemporary of Italian television can't be considered healthy or even bearable, and the main problem lies with the Italian directors now working in both TV and cinema, of which no one seems suitable for the job, unless they're willing to resurrect those directors who tried to stand up and declare their individuality. If we had to pick someone for this, perhaps Marco Risi is the right one, with his brief career in dramas and thriller in the nineties now reprised with his new drama Cha Cha Cha due to be released next week in Italy. In a perfect world, Mario Bava would have reprised his role as director and given us a new take on his wonderful iconic character, but what we can do now, is just a comparison between the two products down below.
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KurtJune 14, 2013 4:35 PM

Anyone who complains about the 'spoiler-ish' trailers of today should really take a good look at the above 1968 Danger Diabolik trailer. Oh My!

Ard VijnJune 15, 2013 3:37 AM

Yeah, but back then you couldn't immediately endlessly rewatch it, frame by frame. So after a film you were trying hard to remember anything of the trailers, instead of looking them up on the Internet.

These days, a trailer like this would seriously hamstring the film.

ale di gangiJune 15, 2013 8:15 AM

I can see and understand your fears and criticism, but what you do not seem to be aware of are the tv serials that Sky Cinema has produced so far. Here in Italy, tv production can only defined with one word: death. If we want good tv, we have to turn to US series, full stop.
But during past seasons, Sky has come up with something that truly can stand up in front of an international audience - and has been successful with the Italian audience too!, especially considering that satellite tv is stil somewhat "new" to us... Boris (an hilarious parody of a tv production), Romanzo criminale (the terryfing and violent true story of the Banda della Magliana in 70/80s Rome), or even the Italian redo of In Treatment, well - all those were good productions indeed, and in my opinion certainly better than other productions made for the cinema.
There is no comparing with such a monument as Bava, of course, and yet this trailer doesn't sem to be that bad...

pandaJune 15, 2013 4:21 PM

Italian comics are very popular here in my country but i can't say that for Italian TV series except maybe Incantesimo,which is basically soap opera.I will probably give chance to Diabolik even if it doesn't look promising.

davebaxterJune 15, 2013 4:34 PM

The trailer isn't too bad, it's true, but it does seem to focus more on the "dark" and "deadly" and "action" aspects of the story and misses what I think is the true stand out of both the comic and the Bava film - the relationship between Diabolik and Eva. Their devotion to each other is so extreme and bizarre it ultimately comes across as charming, and makes otherwise over the top and unbelievable characters into people worth watching. This new Diabolik show, if they focus only on slickness, action, and style as shown in the trailer, could end up as too weak and insubstantial to leave a proper mark.

ben robinsonJune 15, 2013 5:50 PM

This trailer was released last year guys....

Fausto VernazzaniJune 17, 2013 4:32 AM

That's right, maybe it's my fault I wasn't clear enough by saying it was released at the end of 2012! In Rome during an exhibition if I remember well!

Fausto VernazzaniJune 17, 2013 4:37 AM

I agree with you Ale, here in Italy we're kinda lame from that point of view! We've been used to watch things like Incantesimo or Un posto al sole, and in the middle of this mess a show like Romanzo Criminale is a breath of fresh air! Unfortunately a couple of show can't make me avoid to worry about what could happen to Diabolik, of which is hard to say anything good or bad, 'cause nothing is really shown in the trailer!

I fear what davebaxter said: if they focus on the action, it'll just be another show about a thief, it'll be Arsenio Lupin covered in lattex! But I'll definitely give Diabolik a chance, at least is something different from what we have seen until now on our TVs!