Internet Love and Dead Whales: HOLA ULISES, SOY PAULINA Teaser Trailer

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Greetings from Chile! A new teaser trailer for a new documentary from the South American country has arrived and it may be one of the most interesting concepts out there, a mixture of Catfish and road movie, and "Familia ASP" (the artistic collective that is behind the project) has released the first teaser trailer of Hola Ulises, Soy Paulina (Hi Ulises, I'm Paulina). Right now the film is still in post-production and has been pitched in many festivals, being DocLabs Barcelona the latest. The synopsis, that I've translated from Spanish for you is as follows:

Paulina (30) is overweight and she suffers because of that. Tired of her loneliness she decides to look for a boyfriend on the Internet. That's how he meets Ulises Fuentes (33). After six months of intense chatting, they fall in love. He travels to her city to meet her, but she doesn't appear for the date out of fear of rejection. After the dessaparition of Ulises, she decides to do a certain amount of love tests to win him back: therapy with people who suffer of morbid obesity, plastic surgeries, being in tv shows to change her appearance and travel to the most extreme places of Chile following his lead. All, for love.

The feature film debut of the Chilean director Paulina Soto (the same Paulina that goes through the love tests) aims for a festival run in late 2013 - early 2014. You can watch the trailer embedded right below, where you can see the beautiful scenery of the north and south of Chile, as well as the struggle of Paulina to bring Ulises back... and a giant dead whale.

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Mr. CavinJune 3, 2013 10:32 AM

What an excellent trailer. Thanks.