First Trailer For Donnie Yen's THE MONKEY KING 3D Finally Arrives!

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First Trailer For Donnie Yen's THE MONKEY KING 3D Finally Arrives!
While Donnie Yen's Iceman 3D is still filming due to production difficulties, it looks like his other 3D adventure, The Monkey King, is closer to full completion. 

The Monkey King is directed by Soi Cheang, responsible for recent Milkyway hits like Accident and Motorway, with an all-star cast including Yen, Chow Yun Fat and Aaron Kwok. It has been in post-production for some time, and a while back, there was a teaser that showed nothing but the big names in the cast. 

Now the first real trailer has arrived. It looks pretty colorful and features a lot of CGI. Check it out to see how it compares with Stephen Chow's adaptations of the same source material (Chinese Odyssey and Journey To The West)!
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  • thang

    Trọn bộ cua thánh nữ mơi nhất đây

  • smilyk

    I agree with Goldie_Hawn_Golden_Shower. If you don't like the fact that they use tones of CG effects don't watch it! It's suppose to be a mystical, fantasy movie, what did you expect. I personal like and don't mind all the CG effects. So for those who don't like it, don't watch it, simple as that!

  • blah

    What is this trailer?! I was looking forward to this and now I'm not so sure anymore.

  • mando8000

    Weirdest trailer ever, is that even Donnie? what the heck is this they waited like 10 years for this?

  • tman418

    I read that this movie was filmed with IMAX 3-D cameras. Any word on whether this movie will be released in 15perf/70mm IMAX, especially in the US?

    I'm not going to jump to conclusions, because I like big action films with great production values, and Donnie Yen is a mutha fuckin awesome movie martial artist and choreographer (except for "Ip Man 2," ugh). But this trailer is kind of awful.

  • Dangermouz

    The Monkey King Looks cool! Love to see the other Characters look like.

  • pawlo

    Stephen Chow's movie is at least twice better.

  • Mina Bontempo

    I like kitsch so I can say that looks a lot more exciting than the last Tsui Hark.

    Love the high angle on the monkey king at the beginning of the trailer.

  • Goldie_Hawn_Golden_Shower

    I don't fucking get it? You fucking nerds complain that there's CG in a fucking movie that involves a magical monkey with a staff?? You want a real monkey to be trained in the secret arts of Shaolin??? You fucking nerds are pissing me off.. I think I'm going to take it out on some poor nerd at a comic book store.

  • my complaint is that, why don't they just dress Donnie up as a monkey?
    like the TMNT 90s movies.
    just put hair make up that will take 2 hours like X-Men Mystic, and make donnie do authentic moves.

    this movie looks like a piece of trash!

  • Dangermouz

    That is Donnie Yen in Makeup as a Monkey. It's not Digital...It was also a real person doing real Martial arts...Not sure why you thought that was digital.

  • so you don't see the monkey flying around and everywhere? so Donnie now knows how to fly right?

  • You've never seen wire work in a kung fu movie before? It's not exactly a new phenomenon.

  • so are we here to see monkeys fly or monkeys fight?

  • billydaking

    Seriously, don't you know a damned thing about the Monkey King story?

  • TheAngryInternet

    It's a Monkey King movie, so hopefully both.

  • Marten

    Actually, most of the negative comments regarding the CGI were about its quality and not its usage.

  • cuttermaran

    Looks awesome to me.

  • felix

    yeah.. this looks pretty freaking horrible.

  • Pink hat hat

    Uhhm yes.Yes please. I admit that I do yearn for the days of practical effects and sets, but the CGI in this movie is a looooooooooooot better than the CGI in such films tend to be. I agree with billydaking that the almost painterly nature of the CGI seems to suit tha nature of the film. Really looking forward to this.

  • JSW7

    The CGI is abit meh but Im still fond of the idea that a serious guy like Donnie is playing a goddamn monkey.

  • Nemuri Kyoshiro

    Kung Fu Teen Wolf, fuck you guys I'm watching this in theaters!!!

  • hola_mateo

    Wasn't the original artwork about 10,000 times more badass than anything in this trailer?

  • billydaking

    No. I'd say it's pretty close, which is a good thing.

    CGI can go one of two ways--try to look as realistic as possible, or go the opposite and look like a living painting. Monkey King obviously takes the latter route, and to my eyes, the actors look like they're part of their environment for the most part, which is always an issue when you have this amount of computer creation on screen.

  • Mina Bontempo

    yep, think Land of the lost, which was surprisingly pleasing to look at. This one seems even better. Or think Legend of Zu.

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