Evil Cults And Killer Kung Fu In Second WRATH OF VAJRA Trailer

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Evil Cults And Killer Kung Fu In Second WRATH OF VAJRA Trailer
While the so-called Golden Era of Hong Kong cinema was fueled in large part by its kung fu cinema a major factor in the success of martial arts cinema was the extreme diversity within the genre. Unlike today's market which is overwhelmingly dominated by period pieces and gritty crime stories, Golden Era Hong Kong had room for far more. And notable among those sub-genres which have since largely disappeared is the horror-kung fu hybrid.

And director Law Wing Cheong is bringing it back with The Wrath Of Vajra.

Shaolin monk turned actor Xing Yu takes his first lead role in the picture, and if the trailers are anything to go by Hong Kong may have a significant new talent on its hands.

In the 1930s, before the Western powers entered World War II, a Japanese death cult called the Temple of Hades is ordered to work alongside the military to aid in the spiritual destruction of China. The elite warriors belive that the war can be won without the use of man-made weapons. They buy young children from impoverished parents and train them in martial arts to be assassins serving the Japanese Empire.

When he was 8 years old, Vajrasattva was among the children sold to the Temple of Hades. Forced by his captors to fight for food, he accidentally caused the death of his brother. He made a secret oath to take revenge. Many years later, and now the greatest assassin in the temple, he escapes to China and joins the Southern Shaolin Temple, where he receives spiritual enlightenment and vows to protect his own country against the Japanese.
A sales promo for the film appeared online in March and has now been followed by a brand new, very impressive, and English subtitled trailer. Check it out below.

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  • mercy

    Now THIS is Light Years ahead of Man of taichi

  • FDB

    All this plus Yasuaki Kurata = yes, the action should be quite good, and at least one of their Japanese actors will have massive charisma :) Though probably not a lot of screen time. Still, this looks like a move in the right direction regarding the kind of storytelling ambition that needs to return to MA movies. It's ONLY a start, but it is definitely that.

  • ahahh freaking INSANE!
    It's like watching Mortal Kombat (MK9) X-Ray attacks in this movie. I love the slow motion, it looks so good in this movie just like how well it was used in the Grandmaster.

    this trailer is kinda like the story trailer, I hope this movie will not disappoint or have sensationalism or any subliminal messages.

    XIng Yu is good, though I keep getting him mixed up with Club Foot.

  • Looks pretty good. I'm scared that the fight scenes are going to be overstylized, diluting the sheer thrill of pure, unadulterated screen fighting.

  • arturo

    That looks good, it's now on my list to see..

  • NowaFanofNonHongKongMovies

    Since Tony Ja came along, then the actor in Raid Redemption, chinese kungfu movies looks bad. The popular kungfu movies that i have seen are really dissappointing as they are worse than what Tony Jaa and others have done.

  • DooK_MD

    Can't disagree more. Most of Donnie Yen's post-2004 movies rivals the best of Thailand and The Raid. And it's not like Thai/Indonesian action movies have taken over completely. Thai action movies have been very disappointing for the last three years and Indonesia have just started.

  • Marcel Samson

    Personally I think Tony Jaa is not that great. Sure, he impressed with Ong Bak. But to me it got repetitive fast. Knee to the head, elbow to the head. Repeat. I'm sure the guy is capable of great things, but so far, the choreography for thai martial arts movies has been really bland....

    And then there are his acting skills and on screen charisma.....

  • then watch Tom Yum Goong and Ong Bak 2 which is my one of my favourite martial arts movie.

    in before a tyrant comes to destroy Ong Bak 2:
    Todd Brown who dislike Tony Jaa and constantly bashes Ong Bak 2.

  • Keep on grindin' that axe, Xino. Grind, grind, grind.

  • so now Iko Uwais is better than Tony Jaa?

  • Grind, grind, grind.

    And where are you even getting this from? Yeah, we covered the behind the scenes mess on Ong Bak 2. And, yeah, we covered the behind the scenes mess on Tom Yum Goong 2. You know why? Because those productions were completely out of control, WAY over budget and way behind schedule. AND EVERYTHING WE EVER REPORTED ABOUT THEM IS 100% FACTUAL AND HAS BEEN COMPLETELY BORNE OUT OVER TIME. This is what news sites do: They report news. And a major star melting down, running away from his set and hiding for two months is news. Take it up with Tony, not me. Sorry he wasn't so comfortable up there on the pedestal you placed him on.

    But if you look at the total coverage of him here, outside of those two productions, we've been overwhelmingly supportive of Tony Jaa. I think the guy is a phenomenal physical talent and have said so from day one. I've said repeatedly that I want to see him in a good film that holds together both for fans and for the financiers who back him so that he can have a long and successful career. I've said repeatedly that I think any film scene - the martial arts scene among them - is only hurt when its stars fall, as Tony did, and the more big stars there are the better for the scene as a whole. And we've covered A Man Will Rise (his film after TYG2, which seems to have gone quite smoothly) quite positively and will continue to do so unless there's some factual reason to do otherwise.

    It's also worth noting that we made a deliberate choice to NOT report on the gossip rag type stories coming out of the set of TYG2 (of which there were PLENTY) because we'd rather talk about the movies and what's actually on screen rather than the timing of people's pregnancies.

    Any supposed grudge against Tony or vendetta here exists only in your own mind. Get over it.

  • all i said was Iko better than Tony to you and you made a defensive post, you sound guilty of something.

    did you ACTUALLY spoke to Tony Jaa about the mess of Ong Bak 2? Because you only spoke to the distributor Sahamongol, and who twisted the story from their side. To hold a judgemental view on an incident, isn't it best to get the story from both parties?

    What went wrong, how did he go over budget, what steps did he took? no one knows, all we know is what Saha discussed with you.

    I followed the Ong Bak 2 news you wrote and in each article you kept bashing Tony, so it felt like you had something against him. What is the reason or problem exactly?

    is it a problem that Tony directed a 'failed' (from your view) movie or is it a problem that Tony wasted so much money, delayed the film, went AWOL and demanded money?

    I will wait till Iko Uwais makes his first movie and then look to see your reaction to him. Because you must know martial arts actors first movie always sucks. They learn from their mistake.

  • Dude, Tony had press conferences ON LIVE TELEVISION weeping and apologizing for taking off. The fact that he ran from the set of Ong Bak 2 is absolutely, 100% beyond dispute. It happened. He was gone for TWO MONTHS from a film that he had insisted on writing and directing himself, leaving the entire crew and the financiers hanging for the entire time, with nobody knowing where he was and he only came back because they sent Panna to find him. This is fact. 100%, completely undisputed fact. Why you can't get this through your head is beyond me.

    The problems are all of the above. Everything you listed. All of which, again, are 100% factual, corroborate from multiple sources - including Tony himself - and disputed by absolutely nobody. It happened. Period. Get over it.

    Why did I respond to you bringing up Iko? Hey, maybe because you led by calling me a tyrant, which is ridiculous as evidenced by the fact you're still free to comment here. And also because this is bloody typical of you: You cannot engage in facts - you never, ever do - and when presented with them you try to shift the conversation to other, unrelated, completely irrelevant issues.

    As for your last thing ... Iko is currently starring in his fourth movie. Do you mean you want to see him direct a film? Because that's the only way that sentence makes sense. I've never heard any hint of Iko wanting to direct until this point but, yes, if he does and in the process drives away everyone who has ever supported him in the industry because he wants to do it all himself (as Tony did), and then runs for the hills and hides for two months because he can't handle it (as Tony did), and then has the film taken away from him, completely rewritten and broken into two parts because it's the only way that the backers will ever have a prayer of making their money back (as Tony did) then, yes, I will be every bit as hard on him as I was on Tony during the Ong Bak 2 fiasco.

    I do agree, however, that Tony appears to have learned from the OB2 situation as he was smart enough to bring two more experienced co-directors on board to work with him on A Man Will Rise.

  • you are so darn defensive aren't you?
    someone making a public apology is not the same as having a 1 to 1 interview with that person. Because when you do, you will UNDERSTAND the reasons. Public declaration are often faked at times and sometimes you have to say things not to go overboard and so people can take things in.

    That is all your excuse about Jaa going A.W.O.L, question is did you know why he went AWOL?
    did you know why Ong Bag 2 went over budget?

  • Snoop Lion

    Someone defending themselves from slander and nonsense isn't "being defensive". You seem to want it both ways - to label Todd's original comments negatively and interpret them incorrectly and when he explains the reasons that you ask for, you criticize him for doing so. That's called trolling.

  • shhh...mommy and daddy are talking!

  • Snoop Lion

    I have no idea what this means. If you are aiming to offend you failed dismally. Are you saying that you and Todd are adults talking? I think you have failed on all accounts if you in any way consider that you are having a mature conversation.

  • Yes. Anybody who followed the story knows why it went over budget. Tony came to set unprepared and couldn't get through his shooting schedule. He fell farther and farther behind schedule every day and was never able to make up the time. The farther you fall behind schedule the more costs swell. The more costs rose the more he crumbled under pressure, reportedly coming to set without knowing the choreography of what he was going to shoot that day and spending hours trying to work out what he wanted to shoot while the entire crew stood around waiting and being paid for doing nothing while the problem grew. Rather than admitting his failure he tried to hide the problems from Sahamongkol and instead of asking for help mortgaged his own house to try and hide the budget overruns. When that money ran out, too, he ran and hid. All public record, all confirmed by Jaa himself along with many, many people on set. None of this is in dispute and never has been. Look it up.

    And answering your questions with simple facts makes me defensive? Why do you ask the questions if you don't want the actual answers?

    Here's a fun exercise: Tell me why you think none of this is true. Tell me what you think Tony's side is and what you're basing that on. Counter fact with fact. It should be simple enough to do if you're correct.

  • i can see the pride/vanity in you. You are either not taking me seriously, or just not giving me a direct answer, you're just repeating yourself.

    Anybody who follows the story would know what is going on? so if you follow the war on Iraq and middle east from US and UK prospective you would totally believe American soldiers are the heroes, flying to middle east to cleanse the terror in that place right? But if you actually are in the middle east, you will get the true story from a different perspective. If China can always include their 'sensationalism' in their martial arts movies (including pride), what is wrong with a news site like this jumping in the bandwagon of many other news sites publications fabrications?

    I don't see the 'Tony Jaa bashing' as different as the Michael Jackson bashing. Every news about him had a lot of name calling and derogatory names.

    So Tony came unprepared.... was that what Sahamagol told you? what tony told you? or what you perceived? Sorry but that is not a valid answer for the reason it went overbudget.

    Are all of these true? SUBJECTIVE. Once again from fabricated news, sensationalism, news to get a hits. Did anyone even actually interviewed Tony Jaa himself?
    News always gets diluted by other news because many copy and paste (linking)

  • Funny thing about facts: They don't change. So, yes, I do tend to repeat them. Whereas you, on the other hand, tend to go 'La la la, the facts don't matter because I love Tony Jaa and Ong Bak 2 is awesome.'

    If you think I am incorrect, or am lying, then present the facts that are missing. Where are they? What do you suggest actually happened? You don't do that. You never do that. Because you can't. Because there AREN'T any other facts. And when the facts that actually do exist, that have been verified over and over and over again from multiple sources, that Tony himself has never, ever disputed as being true, don't line up with your sparkly, shiny view of your big screen idol you try to attack the messenger because that's the only thing you are capable of doing. Ever. It's tiresome and immature.

    To be incredibly clear here: I don't take you seriously because you give me no reason to. I don't NEED to give you any more information because I've given this to you and cited sources many times before. No matter how many times you do it, simply shouting "I don't believe you!" is NOT a valid counter argument. If you want to suggest that there's something else going on, here's what you need to do: Find someone close to the events who disputes the events that have been laid out. Find someone in a position to actually know - as opposed to someone who just worships the star power of Tony from afar - who says, "That's not actually what happened." Then there is a conversation to be had. A really interesting one, actually. But that person does not appear to exist. Nobody has ever disputed any of these events. Not the producers - who wanted desperately for the film to work out and Tony to succeed and poured enormous resources into making that happen, and have no reason at all to throw him under the bus - and not Tony himself, who has spoken directly to the media in Thailand about these issues a number of times, both in the live press conference I mentioned earlier (and which you've clearly never bothered to look up), the next day when he issued a written string of demands that he wanted met if Sahamongkol wanted him to come back and finish, and again after that when he agreed to come back.

    The on set issues are not fabrications. The massive cost overruns are not fabrications. The MASSIVE delays are not fabrications. (Hell, all it takes to verify that is to look up the original announced release date as opposed to when it actually released). Tony mortgaging his house is not a fabrication. The weepy news conference with Tony apologizing to his fans for failing and running off to hide, then promising to do better is not a fabrication. This stuff - along with a bunch of other stuff - is all dead simple to verify. You need to engage with the facts or move along.

    Nobody's saying you can't like Tony or Ong Bak 2. Nobody's ever said that. Heck, I like Tony. But liking Tony doesn't alter what happened in the production of OB2 one iota.

  • it is your opinion if you think I love Tony Jaa. I don't care about celebrities, let each of them die one by one, I wouldn't shed a single tear. And yes I do favour Ong Bak 2, shame you don't. You can go crawl up The Raid's and suck it up.

    How can I present the facts when I'm not a journalist. You on the other hand say you have the answer, one hand you act like you got the answers from the distributors yourself, and the other hand you are using different sources. You are a divided one aren't you?
    Do you know why he ran into a cave or jungle? no one knows.

    I have no idols other than Jesus. You have something against Jaa and Iko lover. Funny how I said "Iko is better than Jaa" and you started with long post. Sorry you are the one having a guilt emotion running in you.

    You don't take me seriously? As if I hadn't noticed ages ago. Same thing I don't respect you, since you don't respect me. The stuff you said I already knew. You don't understand what I meant by fabrications, I meant stuff you are saying like "Tony came to set unprepared and couldn't get through his shooting schedule. " How retarded is that? was he coming every day unprepared? it just sounds like you pulled that out of the air.
    So Jaa using back magic, meditating in the jungle and Jaa running away from thugs are also not fabricated (all true right?). Hmmm yes...i must be crazy with a K.

    Do you gain any ego-boost which time you write about Jaa that he ran into a cave? (you mention this ALL the time) I supposed you are forgetting martial artist are also humans.

    I don't care about celebrities. You just have a problem with Jaa, because of the over budget cost, which HAS nothing to do with your career nor financial income, you act as if Jaa's over budget affected you. Yet you were all happy to suck up to Iko and the Raid's production. If you don't have a grudge against Jaa, I'm sure from your experience, you will try to lend a hand to help the production of Tom Yum Goong 2 like you did for The Raid.

    You can have it in your mind I love jaa. All i care about is watching the movies, let the actor break their bones on set 50 times like Jackie Chan, i wouldn't care.

    Ong Bak 2? i love the movie...money well spent:)

    If you don't have problem with Jaa, you wouldn't use the "he ran into a cave over an overbudget movie" all the time to gain an ego boost.

  • All the time? Nobody has referenced the cave stories on Twitch FOR FIVE YEARS. Google is your friend. Look it up. I just did.

  • Marcel Samson

    I did watch Tom Yum Goong aka Ong Bak: Elephant edition. Aside from some acrobatics I was really not impressed. Even less so with Ong Bak 2.

  • so what are you looking for in martial arts movies? or what do you look for?

  • Marcel Samson

    I look for a bit more than just cool looking fights. I don't expect great storytelling, but at least a charismatic lead actor would be nice. As for the fights: I like a certain rhythm, a flow, that is lacking in Tony's movies, if you ask me. Old HK movies had that pegged, nowadays it's not that great either..

    That's that. Always feel like I have to justify myself for not liking Tony Jaa, as if he's the norm to which all other martial arts actors are assessed...

  • so you just like the old classic martial arts movies:/
    no point judging or criticising new material arts movies because they will never be like the old skool movies.

    though they do need to make Jaa interact more instead of other actors hugging the whole screen with the dialogue.

  • Marcel Samson

    You mean I shouldn't have an opinion about (or, as you call it: criticize / judge) movies you like...

    M'kay then, good talk.

  • do you know the 21st century movies I like? so you know all about my taste right?

    it's your opinion if you don't like Jaa or new martial arts movies, i don't care.

    All I'm saying is, if you prefer the old movies there's no point trying to look for a 200xx+ movie that will feel exactly like the old skool movies and then complain they suck.

    It's like someone complaining about phone companies don't make those classic bulky fat mobile phones but now they are all skinny, small and flat.

    It's all about moving on and having a 'change', we cannot be old forever.

  • Oh, look, you've figured him out already ...

  • you can support him, feels like you just want someone to come on your side.

  • Marcel Samson

    Stop making drama for no reason, mate. If anyone is at fault here, it's you for calling out Todd for no apparent reason...

    Btw, how did you get to the conclusion I only like old movies?

    I'm not looking for a recreation of my childhood memories. Just saying that Jaa movies are different from that.

    Plenty of modern MA movies that are to my taste, thx. Now if you'll excuse me, I have better things to do with my free time. Good night, and good luck.

  • please stop talking to me. You've said your piece so be quiet.
    don't give a rat ass if you don't like new MM movies or tony jaa.

  • Marcel Samson

    Oh please, can I talk to you some more? Maybe we can grab a drink? I'm sure we can be best friends! Pleeeease?

  • jah p

    Damn, that looks amazing!!

  • Jayan

    can't tell if this:https://www.youtube.com/wat...

    is the same guy.
    yoo seung jun has bulked up like crazy.

  • tman418

    Did that guy in white just drop kick the big buy in black armor and LAND ON HIS HEAD and continue fighting? WTF?

  • a sick movie is a sick movie:)

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