Bollywood Star Salman Khan Faces Homicide Charges From 2002 Incident

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Bollywood Star Salman Khan Faces Homicide Charges From 2002 Incident
Bollywood bad boy Salman Khan's rowdy past looks like it just may catch up with him with a new ruling from Mumbai courts that he is now to face homicide charges stemming from a 2002 incident in which one person died and three others were injured when he drove his car into a group of homeless people. This case has been pending for years, and Khan had been set to face the lesser charge of causing death by negligence, however, public outcry has kept the story in the news and now he faces the far graver charge of homicide. Khan has a long history of outrageous behavior, including several incidents with his one-time girlfriend Aishwariya Rai (Bachchan) immediately before this incident. He's also got a pending case regarding the hunting of an endangered species, the chinkara, for which he faces 5 years in jail.

Over the course of the last five years Salman Khan has turned around his public image, reclaiming the box office with a string of massive hits, and keeping his nose relatively clean. However, even in a country as star-obsessed as India, it just isn't always possible to run away from these things cleanly. The trial is slated to begin on July 19th, and ironically enough Khan doesn't have any projects in the immediate future, and it may stay that way for a while.

Salman Khan isn't the only big name Bollywood star in legal trouble, though. Just last month Sanjay Dutt (Munna Bhai M.B.B.S., Khalnayak) surrendered to police after facing illegal possession of arms charges relating to the 1993 Mumbai terror attacks. His case is far more complicated, however, Dutt is expected to spend a good portion of his five year sentence behind bars. He's currently starring in the upcoming Policegiri, though his participation in that film's promotion is probably not going to happen.
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Marcel SamsonJune 24, 2013 1:44 PM

It took them 11 years to get here? damn...

roshanJune 25, 2013 11:39 AM

Yeah,Indian court works very slowly....Lakhs of pending cases in Courts,Corruption,Slow response of police...