WE ARE WHAT WE ARE Director Jim Mickle Adapting Joe R. Lansdale's COLD IN JULY

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WE ARE WHAT WE ARE Director Jim Mickle Adapting Joe R. Lansdale's COLD IN JULY
Financing has come through and Jim Mickle, writer and director of Mulberry Street, Stakeland and We Are What We Are, and frequent collaborator Nick Damici can continue adapting Joe R. Lansdale's Cold In July for the big screen. This is their fourth  silver screen collaboration together and will be produced by Belladonna Productions who produced their previous three films. 

I for one, am an enormous fan of Lansdale's Hap and Leonard novels and will have to extend my reading into the rest of his canon now. Read the plot details below to get an idea of how crazy good this is going to be...

Richard Dane shoots and kills an armed burglar in his living room. It's a clear-cut case of self defense to everyone but the burglar's father, who vows Old Testament-style eye-for-an-eye justice. Here, that means son for son. The cops, the feds, and the Dixie mafia all play a part in the ensuing mayhem.

Shooting is scheduled for July with eyes on an early 2014 release. And as the story is set in East Texas a Summer shoot is going to be hella hot. Our sympathies go out to Mickle and crew. 
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ColinJMay 21, 2013 12:56 AM

I never though I'd see Hap and Leonard onscreen.

My personal favourite of the books is BAD CHILLI.