Planete+ Doc Film Festival Brings A Notable Bunch Of Documentaries To Poland

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Planete+ Doc Film Festival Brings A Notable Bunch Of Documentaries To Poland
Spring's in full swing in Poland and May proves to be a strong contender for the title of the country's most interesting month when it comes to film festivals. 

Already halfway through, Planete+ Doc Film Festival offers an impressive amount of documentaries from all over the world. Films are divided into 15 sections (some of which have both clever and attractive names, including Eat Locally, Think Globally or Heroes Are Among Us), and many of them take part in various competitions. 

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Planete+ Doc is the third largest European film festival dedicated to the art of creating meaningful documentaries that may astound the audiences as much as they may shock them at times. This year's selection offers a considerable amount of interesting, often thought-provoking pictures, such as Sightseers, The Act of Killing, Pussy Riot: A Punk's Prayer, and Forget Me Not, among others. 

Apart from screenings that run from midday up until late night hours, Planete+ Doc offers many additional attractions: lectures, debates, music events, exhibitions, meetings with filmmakers, and even a few special events for the whole family. 

The festival started on May 10 and will have its door open for all the fans and occasional passersby till May 19. It takes place in Warsaw, Wroclaw, and - during the next weekend - also in many other Polish cities. If you're somewhere around, be sure to check it out, as it's rather safe to say that everybody will find something that may interest him enough to attend in years to come.
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