Kim Ki-Duk's MOEBIUS Reportedly First Film Selected For Venice Competition

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Kim Ki-Duk's MOEBIUS Reportedly First Film Selected For Venice Competition
After announcing Bernardo Bertolucci as the Jury President of the 2013 Venice Film Festival (28 August - September 7), we finally have the first title competing for the prestigious Golden Lion. Though there has not yet been an official announcement, Italian press are reporting that sure enough, after winning the award just last year with Pieta,  Korean auteur Kim Ki-duk will be back in the laguna to present his latest work, Moebius.

Once again, the plot seems quite thorny, telling the story of a woman who fatally kills her son by mistake and a man who castrates himself for atonement. Sounds creepy huh?

Yes, after the pre-Arirang break, Kim Ki-duk seems back and more prolific than ever ... will Bertolucci, who is himself a film-maker keen on noxious stories (let's think of Last Tango In Paris) appreciate?

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Davide CoppolaMay 29, 2013 3:33 PM

Super stoked! Can't wait for his new film. Every time he comes out with something new it's on my favorite of the year!

Jason GorberMay 30, 2013 2:32 AM

For what it's worth, like PIETA we're likely to see this film play within days of its Venice bow at TIFF. At least, that's what I'm hoping for...