It's Fun Time With BUCKLES

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It's Fun Time With BUCKLES
It was back in 2008 that we first came across the work of Joe Ballarini here at ScreenAnarchy. He'd penned indie horror-comedy Dance Of The Dead - still a great favorite - and a couple years later he turned up again as both writer and director of indie comedy Father vs Son.

Ballarini is now involved with a few projects that look likely to go at the studio level but rather than wait around for those he's continuing to keep busy with smaller projects, in this case with horror short Buckles.

Written and directed by Ballarini with The Signal and Dance Of The Dead star Justin Welborn in the lead, Buckles plays it straight. It's birthday time and someone's turned up to keep things festive. This is quality stuff and we're proud to present the film for the first time. Check it out below.

BUCKLES from Hidden Staircase on Vimeo.

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