Hey, Toronto! Win Free Passes For The Lost Episode Fest!

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Hey, Toronto! Win Free Passes For The Lost Episode Fest!
Remember that episode of the original Star Trek where Spock won the break dancing competition? Yeah, that was awesome. Or, it would be if it existed. And it could exist if you made it. Welcome to the core concept of the Lost Episode Festival, a not for profit festival devoted to satirical takes on classic series presented as lost episodes of those shows. Here's how they describe themselves:

The Lost Episode Festival Toronto (LEFT) is an artist-run, not-for-profit film festival in Toronto, Canada which offers screenings of independent film submitted locally and from around the world. We are pleased to be hosted by the historic Bloor Cinema, which is now over 100 years old.

LEFT is a not-for-profit cultural organization founded by veterans of the arts and film industry whom have contributed to numerous award winning films that have screened at festivals around the world.

The goal of LEFT is to educate and increase the public's understanding and appreciation of the arts by providing screenings of independent film, as well as creating new opportunities and challenges for filmmakers. The focus of LEFT is on fostering a presence for independent film makers with the goal to provide the community with support and growth potential.

The thing that sets LEFT apart from other film festivals is our content. Our focus is on independent short films, which are meant to be "lost episode" satires of popular and cult television shows (ex. Star Trek, The Twilight Zone, etc). LEFT is targeted at anyone who has ever fallen in love with a television show, and wished it was still around - now it can be! Fans and filmmakers alike can create their own "lost episodes", and we will showcase them. This is a festival by and for fans of great cult classics of television and cinema.
The festival runs at Toronto's Bloor Cinema June 1st and 2nd with screenings of these 'lost episodes' plus results of the 50 Hour Film Challenge, the latest work from Astron-6 and more! And while you could pay to get in - I'm sure they wouldn't say no to your money - why do that when you can get in for free?

Yep, they're giving away a whopping 400 seats for each day's screenings and all you need to do is head to the official event page on Facebook and follow the directions there to win. Should take you all of a minute to do.
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