Hey New Zealand! Ant Timpson, Dark Sky Films And The NZFC Want To Make Your Horror Movie!

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Hey New Zealand! Ant Timpson, Dark Sky Films And The NZFC Want To Make Your Horror Movie!
So. You live in New Zealand. Which is entirely not a bad thing. You'll never run out of lamb chops. You are the envy of all in Nerdom because you, and everyone else on the North and South islands, live in The Shire. And you almost, always, win in Rugby, which outside of North America is a really big deal. 

But. You love horror movies. And aside from a few enormous standouts from the past couple decades the NZ isn't really known as a hotbed of horror production. But you got this really awesome idea for a horror film and wish someone would just give you a bag of money to make it. Well, it turns out ABCs of Death producer Ant Timpson has a bag of money and if he likes your idea he'll give it to you to make your horror movie. 

Ant, along with MPI/Dark Sky Films EVP Greg Newman and New Zealand Film Commission CEO Graeme Mason, announced the return of the New Zealand feature project, Make My Movie. The new project will be aptly called Make My Horror Movie! The inaugural project Make My Movie was very successful. Out of that project came the peeping tom rom-com How to Meet Girls From a Distance. The film was pitched and in the can in less than six months, went on a festival run in the NZ and was picked up by Madman Entertainment. Now, the focus is to make a low-budget horror film. 

The New Zealand Film Commission and MPI/Dark Sky Films are offering the entire budget to any individual or team who can come up with a synopsis and poster that impresses the public and a panel of judges. MPI will handle worldwide sales.

"Having MPI/Dark Sky onboard from day one is a smart way to help us to find a project that can transcend the inherent limitations of a low budget and to select a project that can make a real dent internationally," said Timpson. "We were all knocked out by the creativity from the first Make My Movie, we have a real chance to find the next Paranormal Activity through this process."

So get at it Kiwis! Get your shit together and get ready to pitch your horror film idea. 
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