Donnie Yen Cometh In ICEMAN 3D. Watch The Trailer Now!

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Donnie Yen Cometh In ICEMAN 3D. Watch The Trailer Now!
Donnie Yen is all thawed out and ready to go in Iceman 3D, the Law Wing Cheong directed remake of the 1989 Clarence Fok directed The Iceman Cometh, with Yen playing the role of a Ming era warrior frozen on a mountaintop only to be thawed out in modern times. Action ensues.

Production has been quite difficult on this one with principal photography running well behind schedule and the budget ballooning to double the original amount but the first trailer has arrived and the footage they've got on camera is certainly attractive enough, although fans will note the extensive use of the tight shots and rapid edits that often denote the heavy presence of body doubles.

Take a look at the trailer below.
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  • tman418

    Donnie Yen is the man! Can't wait for "Monkey King" in IMAX 3D as well!

  • paul

    What trailer, message only "disallowed key characters"!

  • It's there and playing fine. Clear your cache and refresh.

  • 7Chobbes8

    That looks pretty freaking terrible.

  • maikel


  • DooK

    I'm in!

  • mercy

    Donnie concentrated his ancient Chi and then started a torrent of piss! :D Interesting to consider how much hardier and stronger ancient men were, because there was more than 10x nutrient value in foods then, compared to the ridiculously depleted foods now..

  • Qinlong

    This is gonna be fun, and to me the trio of Yen, Yam and Huang is pretty impossible to resist as a cast.

  • I really hoped for something special but that trailer didn't really impress me

  • Goldie_Hawn_Golden_Shower

    Money shot at the end there!!!

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