Chile Goes SciFi With CONEXION

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Chile Goes SciFi With CONEXION
While Latin America has proven a fertile ground for horror film one genre we've seen remarkably little of from the region is science fiction. Perhaps too many people still assume that American style bang and crash space opera is the only way to do science fiction - and are scared off by the budgetary requirements of going that road - but Chile's Diego Ayala has found another path for his near future film Conexion.

Chile. In 2015 a group of anthropomorphic aliens request asylum and protection in planet Earth...On this new world Francisco lives with a dark past. He keeps two lives: he is a talented expert in computing and a cold-blooded killer who hunts the humanoid aliens..but an encounter with a lonely female alien named Maya gives him a life changing opportunity..
The trailer for this one is quite promising. Take a look below.

[Thanks to Marcelo Cordova for the tip.]

Teaser Conexion Subtitulado from Diego Ayala on Vimeo.

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mightyjoeyoungMay 31, 2013 10:32 AM

"but Chile's Diego Ayala has found another path for his near future film Conexion."

Yeah, same path Neill Blomkamp went with District 9(2009), Gareth Edwards did with Monsters(2010) or so it seems juding from that teaser.
Looks good though, south american sci fi is not something I spoiled with.
Thanks Mr Brown.