Cannes 2013: Why Would Someone Want To Blow Up Christoph Waltz?

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Cannes 2013: Why Would Someone Want To Blow Up Christoph Waltz?
A live broadcast of Canal Plus show Le Grand Journal - broadcasting from the Martinez beach during Cannes - was interrupted today when two blanks were fired into the air by a man holding what appeared to be a grenade in his hand. A pair of Cannes jurors - Daniel Auteuil and Christoph Waltz - were being interviewed at the time and were rushed off stage. There were no injuries but between this and yesterday's jewel theft that netted roughly a million dollars worth of jewelry meant to be lent to stars walking the red carpet this year's festival is proving to be rather eventful. Oh, right, there's the whole Ghadafi prostitution ring thing, too. Welcome to France.

Check out video of the incident below.
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mightyjoeyoungMay 18, 2013 8:13 PM

"Welcome to France."

I´m hoping Brian De Palma does a documentary about that jewel hest, after all he sorta predicted it in Femme Fatale(2002).

Maybe a hot bisexual blonde was least I hope so...hahahhahahha

Hookers and Cannes.....hey, people have to relax, Mr Brown, some R&R.....hahahhahahha...but please keep an eye on Brian Clarks & Ryland Aldrichs expense account, ok...?
Thanks for the clip, Mr Brown.

Brian ClarkMay 20, 2013 6:11 AM

Yes! Femme Fatale! The jewel heist made me so excited... I just wish this one was as sexy

mightyjoeyoungMay 23, 2013 7:41 PM

Yeah, reality sucks, huh...