Calvin Lee Reeder's THE RAMBLER Has A New Trailer & Theatrical Dates!

Contributing Writer; Dallas, Texas (@HatefulJosh)
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Calvin Lee Reeder's THE RAMBLER Has A New Trailer & Theatrical Dates!
Fresh from destroying the minds of festival goers in the US and abroad, Calvin Lee Reeder's latest mind-melter, The Rambler, is now preparing for a limited theatrical run. Who would've thunk? The film is not only non-linear, it is anti-linear, taking to task the dogma of logic and slavishness to reality in a way that will repulse and engage in equal measure. 

We're happy to have the latest trailer for the film as well as the first theatrical dates for The Rambler, beginning on June 7th in advance of its home video/VOD debut on June 25th. 

I absolutely love Reeder's work and definitely would like to see the film again, so I'm happy that Dallas is back on the schedule. If you are in one of these towns, make some time, it's unlike anything you've ever seen. 

New York - June 7-13
reRun Theater

Los Angeles - June 14-20
Downtown Independent Theater 

Houston - June 14-20
Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Houston

Dallas - June 14
Texas Theatre 

Seattle - June 28 - July 4
Northwest Film Forum
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