Brace Yourself For The Teaser Of THE ESOTERIC BIRTHDAY!

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Brace Yourself For The Teaser Of THE ESOTERIC BIRTHDAY!
One of the great things about animation is that it allows for nearly unbounded creativity and diversity. Here at ScreenAnarchy, we often wonder why so many mainstream animated films apparently have to look so similar to each other, given that there are so many different drawing styles. The same goes for Japanese anime.

So we salute anyone trying to make animation which doesn't depend on the often-used molds. And El Cumpleaños Esotérico a.k.a. The Esoteric Birthday, Costa Rica's first feature-length animated film, sure looks to be very, VERY different.

An independent low-budget production, directed by Guillermo Tovar C. and Nadia Mendoza A. (husband and wife), The Esoteric Birthday is now 99% finished. The couple is currently trying to get the post production financed through crowd funding. The plan is to have the film finished in December of this year, and give it a festival run. After that, all of it will be posted on-line to be watched free of charge.

And to get publicity for their project, they have released a teaser. Here it is!

Be warned though: this is definitely not for the kiddies. It is a pretty psychedelic affair and there is some strong stuff happening in it, including a disembowelment. Or two, or three...
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