Daniel Radcliffe Uncovers Yakuza Corruption In TOKYO VICE

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 Daniel Radcliffe Uncovers Yakuza Corruption In TOKYO VICE

Daniel Radcliffe will get threatened by the Yakuza in 2014 in the upcoming film Tokyo Vice, an adaptation of the memoir by the same title by American journalist Jake Adelstein. Adelstein wrote for the newspaper Yomiuri Shinbun where he uncovered a scandal involving a high ranking Yakuza boss, Goto Tadasama, and a deal with the FBI.

Goto was the founding head of the Goto-gumi, an affiliate of Japan's largest Yakuza syndicate, the Yamaguchi-gumi. Goto was barred from entry into the United States because his gangster affiliations and numerous convictions but in 2001 was granted a visa deal by the FBI in exchange for information about other Japanese gang activities. He went to the U.S. to receive a liver transplant and made a substantial donation to the UCLA Medical Center in L.A.

Adelstein uncovered all of this scandal and received death threats on him and his family. When meeting Yakuza associated with Goto he was told,"...erase the story or be erased, your family too".

The film will begin shooting next year and will be directed by newcomer, Anthony Mandler, who has cut his teeth in the music video industry shooting videos for artists like Jay-Z, Rihanna, and the Killers. He has another project in development calledThe Last Days Of American Crime so it would appear that Hollywood is picking up a recurring theme with the new director.But with pop music video credentials like that I expect nothing less, visually, than a companion to Ridley Scott's Black Rain.

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Tech FanMay 2, 2013 1:58 AM

Black Rain was directed by Ridley Scott, who is still very much alive.

DoravaleMay 2, 2013 1:59 AM

Ridley Scott directed Black Rain.

Andrew MackMay 2, 2013 8:45 AM

Dangit. You're right. This is what you get when you write while both your playoff teams are losing on the same night.