Wesley Snipes Joins THE EXPENDABLES 3, Mel Gibson Courted To Direct

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Wesley Snipes Joins THE EXPENDABLES 3, Mel Gibson Courted To Direct
It's been rumored for ages and now it's official: Sylvester Stallone is being joined by his freshly out of jail Demolition Man costar Wesley Snipes in The Expendables 3. And directing? Well, nobody yet, but Sly knows who he wants and he's not being shy about it, tweeting this late last night:

Mel is a MAGNIFICENT director! Pure passion on every level . we'd be blessed to have him.. A REAL long shot, but LIFE is a long shot -right?
Mel in this case would be Mel Gibson which opens up the possibility for all sorts of tasteless jokes about who the villains of The Expendables 3 might be. I'll leave those for you to make.

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  • AJ

    Just announced: Moses to play the villian in Expendables 3!!!

  • Daniel -Son

    Cant wait to see jackie chan and snipes join its gonna be epic

  • Snoop Lion

    Great poster choice Todd.

  • There was a choice?

  • kunsabagay

    Mel has been an underrated director ever since

  • Ooga Booga

    The chances of Mel doing this are remote at best. But if he did, it would be a much better film than the first 2 were.

  • tm

    Make Make Blade 4 with Ghost Rider in it :)

  • Daniel -Son

    heck yeah that sounds awesome

  • erika

    great to hear such news, Love Wesley Snipes !!

  • Despite what people think of Gibson I think this would be a great choice for a director

  • arturo

    I love the idea of Mel directing Expendables 3...Realy hope Mel gets behind the camera on this one, awesome director..

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