US Trailer For THE GRANDMASTER Confirms That The Weinsteins Think All Americans Are Stupid Meatheads

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US Trailer For THE GRANDMASTER Confirms That The Weinsteins Think All Americans Are Stupid Meatheads
Hands up everyone out there who has ever seen a film by Wong Kar Wai. Yep, that's a pretty decent number. Okay, now. Hands up everybody who's ever even read anything about any film by Wong Kar Wai. That's even more of you. Anyone who's read anything about his Tony Leung starring Ip Man biopic The Grandmaster? Yep, yep. I see you.

Okay, now hands up everyone expecting that The Grandmaster is going to be a testosterone fueled beat down. Anyone? Anyone at all? Because that's what The Weinstein Company is trying to sell with its new US trailer for the film. Uh huh. Doesn't matter at all that it's a total lie, apparently, because once anybody who walked in without prior knowledge of WKW and his work expecting the beat down promised in this trailer finds out that they've been so shamelessly duped their money will have already been separated from their wallet.

All is fair in love, war and commerce I suppose, but way to burn bridges with your audience, boys. Check out the trailer below.
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  • gina ellis-simpson

    I see the trailer,but you sure cant tell what the movie is about from that...usually you can

  • This trailer is actually pretty much the same as the first Cantonese Teaser-trailer that was released, except this time, with a lame voice-over. Would I have preferred the original voices!? Ofcourse. Did I expect it!? Ofcourse not.

    It's the Weinsteins!
    I fully expect the US release to be cut to pieces, dubbed by Michael J. Fox and Lil Kim, and also have a new soundtrack by Jay-Z or something.

    The good news: The HK Blu-Ray was released here in Hong Kong today. Supposedly it's region-free. And the running time is listed as 130 minutes, which SHOULD mean it's the Hong Kong version, not the cut-by-15-minutes Berlin Festival version.

    I'll wait for confirmation (reviews) before I pick it up, but having already seen the uncut movie here in the cinema, I CAN confirm it's absolutely fantastic. Visually probably the most beautiful movie I've ever seen. If this doesn't win WKW at least an Oscar Nomination for 'best cinematography', then I'd love to see the movies who do.

    Edit: Small update: Came across the BR tonight in a local shop, and it had a sticker mentioning new/improved music/sound effects or something like that.

    Didn't pick it up, but decided to do some more research, and found a thread on which mentions the Picture Quality is suffering because they've decided to put 5(!) 7.1 lossless audio tracks on the disc...(!), which just seems beyond stupid to me. Such a shame for a potentially great release!

  • elSabido

    Having seen the movie last saturday, I wonder what movie this trailer is about.

  • lol that voiceover

  • Marc

    I have a maxim I adhere to in situations like these: "Buy the Hong Kong version."

  • Rhythm-X

    By Weinstein standards this isn't even that bad. It's awful, mind you, but for these clowns it's borderline competent. The real surprise is that they didn't just shelve it.

  • Rhythm-X

    (Then again, there's no date on that trailer.)

  • redcircle

    Structurally, this teaser is based on the Chinese teaser. But the silly copy is definitely cheapening... Hopefully, TWC will do justice on full tailer.

  • Proutcast

    I know how the US tends to market Asian films, and I'm no Weinstein fan, so I want to agree with this article, however I can't really. Having already seen the HK trailer back around Nov. 2012, I assumed this was a martial arts film. I mean, the HK trailer led me (right or wrong) to believe that there was going to be at least 3 "set piece" fights. Was
    I personally expecting 2 hours of punching, of course not given the director and so forth, but I can't say this US trailer is any more misleading than your average film trailer. No when you make that same argument about the VOICE OVER, I agree 1000%. I humbly think you should have made that the main point of the article. Pandering voice over.

  • I get what you're saying but I don't think you can separate them. The voice over is the worst part of the trailer, sure, but it's exactly that: PART of the trailer. You can't really treat it as a different thing.

  • Qinlong

    I don't really see the problem :

    - it's basic marketing to showcase a film's more dynamic moments in the trailer. I'm not saying it's good or bad, I'm just saying it happens all the time.

    - at least by showing images from only one scene of the movie it doesn't pretend the film will be wall-to-wall action (in France, Wild Bunch advertised the film with a trailer taking bits from every action moment in the film >> much more misleading).

    - it will probably bring more audience to the film than a more contemplative trailer would have. Some people might discover W K W this way.

  • Leandro

    That it happens all the time doesn't make it good practice. I'm with Todd. ;-)

  • The problem is that if you mislead people to get them into the theater they're going to leave angry, no matter if the film is good or not. Even if good, it's not what they thought they were buying.

  • Martin Wagner

    And are they also doing their usual thing of randomly cutting 20 minutes out of the movie, just because? Damn sure I won't be seeing the Weinsteinified release. The import blu-ray is already out.

  • I'm not sure how big the difference is in terms of running time but, yes, there are already at least two versions of the film out there - the one that released in China / Hong Kong (which generally had a good critical reception) and the version that screened in Berlin (which did not). Neither were created by the Weinsteins as far as I know but my assumption has been that everywhere outside of HK / China was meant to be getting the Berlin version. Hard to know where any fault lies with a WKW film ... the guy just never, ever stops tinkering.

  • Moisés Chiullan

    I saw the US version in San Diego (assuming same as Berlin cut) at Comic-Con last week. I stood along the side, next to Wong and some Annapurna people. Audience left a little confused based on a few comments, but still enjoyed themselves. Rewatched my import disc, and am baffled they would cut the 15 minutes that they did. Massively shortchanges the movie.

  • I'm still angry with WKW for 'tinkering' with the once amazing Ashes of Time, ruining the soundtrack, dumbing it up a bit, and basically just ruining a once great movie.

    True, for those who have never seen it, it's probably still great to watch, but whenever I tried to watch it and the altered soundtrack set in, I just cringed and turned it off. It's ruined, for me at least. And that's so disappointing, cause as I mentioned, the original version (I know there were actually 2 different versions already), was fantastic as it was.

  • Sudachi

    California Dreamin'

  • Joe Foolio

    Sure the trailer might be horribly misleading, but does the fault truly fall at the feet of the Weinstein Company? You seem to be forgetting that the teasers released for this film were basically exactly the same.

  • The footage has been largely the same, yeah. But that voiceover? Blech. They're trying to sell something that this movie has no interest in being. And, yes, The Weinsteins create their own marketing material for all of their films, this is purely on them.

  • Moisés Chiullan

    The voiceover sounds like the VO on the Rumble in the Bronx US teaser. They're selling In the Mood For Kung Fu AS Rumble in the Bronx.

  • Joe Foolio

    I agree that voice over is terrible but I also have no idea what was being said in the original, do you? And that isn't being a smart ass, I am legitimately curious. I wasn't trying to defend the Weinsteins (they are butchers) I was just pointing out that the trailers/teasers are virtually identical (visually)

  • James? Can you translate the HK ones? Was the dialogue the same as this?

  • if i may...(i speak canto)

    the US trailer translated that small portion of tony's dialogue from the original trailer.

  • MrRocking

    A commenter elsewhere "I hope this will raise the bar set by The Raid"

    And you know he's going to blame the film not the dipstick voice over when he doesn't get the film he expected.

  • Oh, good god ...

  • marshy00

    "The man on the ground is wrong"...well, no need to help Mr. Weinstein up any time soon, not before everyone has had the chance to point and laugh at him for being on the floor and therefore, according to his own suckass trailer, being dead wrong.

    I have absolutely no idea what movie they are trying to sell in this trailer, but it sure isn't Wong Kar Wai's THE GRANDMASTER. Trust me. I've seen it.

  • Guest

    It sounds like an ad for the War on Terror, but narrated by Steven Seagal.

  • Lee B Golden

    It looks more like an ad for men's cologne lol

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