SADAKO Returns For Another Dose Of 3D Horror

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SADAKO Returns For Another Dose Of 3D Horror
She crept off the video tape and through the TV screen of The Ring and onto the web for Sadako 3D and the villain that kicked off the J-horror wave is proving particularly persistent. Yep, Sadako is back once again, Sadako 3D proving a big enough success that it has spawned a sequel. One with a slightly classier, higher end teaser than I would have expected, really.

The basic rules have shifted slightly in these latter days films - Sadako's curse is now spread through computer screens rather than video tape - but the essentials remain from the Ringu days. If you see her, bad things will happen. Hanabusa Tsutomu directs with Takimoto Miori in the lead. Check the teaser below.
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  • Juan AndrĂ©s Valencia

    Sadako 3D 2? That's an awkward title.

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