Pop Singers! Kung Fu! Glamor Shots! It's THE LEGEND OF TRIO MACAN!

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Pop Singers! Kung Fu! Glamor Shots! It's THE LEGEND OF TRIO MACAN!
Strange things can happen when pop stars make movies and that's even more true when they do so in a country predisposed towards making some rather strange movies in the first place. Enter Indonesian singers Trio Macan, stars of upcoming kung fu comedy The Legend Of Trio Macan. From what I can tell, the legend mostly revolves around tattoos in revealing - but not too revealing - places, glamor shots, goofy prosthetics and a dose of wire fu. It's all very, very silly but surprisingly polished. Check out the trailer below.
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BenApril 17, 2013 6:32 AM

Man, if only Spiceworld or the S Club 7 film were like this...

Bastian MeiresonneApril 18, 2013 5:04 AM

Well...well...a new Trio Macan movie...and producers try - of course - to make new cash of their "sexy looks" (better than their voices, actually).

The REAL breaking news should be young director's BILLY CHRISTIAN breakthrough from short to long movies. He's indeniably been of the the better directors of short movies in past years, starting as soon as 15 years old. HUGE horror fan, he already showed tremenduous skills on his segment on "Hi5teria". Seems that this purely commercial venture is most overall made to prove his skills to professionnals. Long career to him!!!!!

Todd BrownApril 18, 2013 3:58 PM

Interesting to know about Billy. I wasn't familiar with him at all but he definitely seems to have some talent.

Bastian MeiresonneApril 20, 2013 5:05 AM

Yes, I met him a few years ago. He only LIVED for movie-making and several of his first shorts were definitely worth watching, even if not mature enough. Very strong visuals already, modern story-telling and a fascination for genre-movies - but very far-stretched from things they did back then in Indonesia. Strange to see him directing this purely star-driven vehicle, but certainly a way trying to gain some confidence from local producers AND -YEAH-HOU!!! - local producers seems FINALLY to give their chance to younger directors, mainly because of lower payments and better control, but also the way for this young generation to gain some experience and put some fresher ideas in old-driven cinematic structures. wait and see...