100 BLOODY ACRES Teaser: Morgans Organic Will Get Your Garden Growin' Great!

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100 BLOODY ACRES Teaser: Morgans Organic Will Get Your Garden Growin' Great!
During the Melbourne International Film Festival last year, one of the most raucous premieres was for horror comedy 100 Bloody Acres. While it starts off as a slow burn, once it gets going the movie is pretty damn funny - and horrific - with some near-classic scenes. I imagine it'll be sold as an Australian version of Tucker and Dale vs Evil, although I enjoyed this more.

Starring Damon Herriman and Angus Sampson (who you might recognise from their roles in Justified and Insidious respectively) and directed by brothers Colin and Cameron Cairnes, 100 Bloody Acres is now gearing up for an Aussie cinema release. 

The Cairnes brothers, who cut their teeth making parodies of amateur films in addition to other shorts, have made two ads for the fictional Morgans' Organic Blood and Bone Fertilizer featured in the film, with the socially-awkward Morgan brothers fronting the campaign. The result is probably the most ill-advised promo since Bangs decided he wanted to take you to da movies.
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