Get Initiated Into 1970s Sharpie Culture With Michael Kratochvil and Ladyhawke

Contributing Writer; Melbourne, Australia
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Get Initiated Into 1970s Sharpie Culture With Michael Kratochvil and Ladyhawke
In 1960s and 1970s Australia, one of the prominemt subcultures of suburban Melbourne were the Sharpies. Also known as Sharps, these were members of violent suburban youth gangs, so named due to their focus on looking and dressing "sharp".

Now in this fantastic music video for Jacques Renault's Ladyhawke remix, directed by Michael Kratochvil, we can revisit those times safely as an observer. So often directors trying to capture history on screen tend to fail their ambitions by making everything look brand new, or by mistakenly incorporating anachronisms, but here Kratochvil really succeeds in capturing not only the old look but also the mood and mannerisms of these gangs.

Now, whoever is writing a Mods vs Sharpies movie please give the directing reins to this guy. I think it's high time we had a worthy successor to Romper Stomper.
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Michael Kratochvilmusic video
P.B. May 27, 2013 4:36 AM

This is nothing like ORIGINAL 1970s SHARPIES....the dance moves on here are a joke, we didn't dance like that!!!! The only thing vaguely resembling that era and Sharpie Culture are some of the clothing worn in this clip. Maybe Michael Kratochvil should have researched our sub-culture and consulted in some real Sharpies from the 1970s. If you want authentic history on Sharpies try here....