DreamWorks Hoping To Turn Best-Selling TIBET CODE Into China's INDIANA JONES

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DreamWorks Hoping To Turn Best-Selling TIBET CODE Into China's INDIANA JONES
Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of DreamWorks Animation, announced during the 3rd Beijing International Film Festival that Oriental DreamWorks will be partnering with China Film Group Corp and National Film Capital to turn a series of bestselling Chinese novels, Tibet Code, into a movie franchise. 

"Tibet Code has all the makings of a world-class, quality, blockbuster franchise. I feel it will become China's Indiana Jones, " Katzenberg said at the press conference. Han Sanping, Chairman of China Film Group Corp, commented that "this story is about various Chinese heroes' exploration, expedition and seeking history's roots. The characters represent traditional Chinese culture and Chinese morality. We will collaborate with Mr. Katzenberg and his DreamWorks Animation to use high definition technology and the most advanced digital technology to produce the film."

Tibet Code is written by Chinese author He Ma, and tells the story of adventurers searching for ancient Buddhist treasures. The bestselling book series consists of 10 books (so far) and together have sold five million copies. 

The film(s) will be shot in China and co-directed by American and Chinese directors. It is planned for the first film to be released in 2015. Besides the film franchise, the three companies involved are also planning to build a Tibet Code theme park. 
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