Get Behind The Scenes With Johnny Nguyen In CHO LON

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Get Behind The Scenes With Johnny Nguyen In CHO LON
See that man with the knife? That's Johnny Nguyen, one of only two people on the face of the planet to have fought both Jet Li and Tony Jaa on screen. He's not only lived to tell the tale, he's also one of the most badass screen fighters in the world and has been steadily building a loyal following around the globe setting up shop in Vietnam and strutting his stuff there. The Rebel - directed by Nguyen's brother, Charlie - kicked things off, Clash proved it wasn't a fluke and now they're upping their game with Bui Doi Cho Lon.

We ran the first fantastic trailer for this a few weeks back and now that has been followed with a behind the scenes reel that shows off the cast and crew in action. Only wires you'll see here are the ones supporting the crazy ass camera rig. Check it below.
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Josh March 11, 2013 1:08 PM

From memory, the other man is Nathan Jones, correct?

Todd BrownMarch 11, 2013 8:22 PM

You are correct, sir. Well done.