Joel Silver, Studio Canal Want To ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK Three More Times.

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Joel Silver, Studio Canal Want To ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK Three More Times.
Joel Silver's Silver Pictures is teaming up with Studio Canal to retell the story of Snake Plisken. There have been a few attempts to revitalize the Escape From... franchise over the years but the abysmal Escape From L.A. quashed any likely sequels and attempts in 2007 and 2010 at a reboot never materialized into anything and the rights lapsed a couple years ago. 

So Silver and Canal have picked up the rights and according to the report over at Deadline they are planning a trilogy. It will begin with, crazy as it may sound, an origin story. Where they will begin the story of Snake remains to be seen. Will they go back as far as his exploits in WWIII while in the Special Forces Unit Black Light? Will they start the series when Snake loses his eye during the 'Leningrad Ruse' and turns to a life of crime? Will there even be a 'Leningrad Ruse' because there is no more USSR to have a WWIII with? 

And who will play the cynical anti-hero? Previous attempted projects tried to get the likes of Gerard Butler, Jeremy Renner and Tom Hardy on board? Are any of them worthy to don the eye patch? 

If this project ever gets up off the ground those questions will answered. 
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muckermanMarch 19, 2013 10:31 AM

I think Joel Edgerton would be a good fit.

Martin WagnerMarch 19, 2013 2:36 PM

Kurt Russell is Snake Plissken. Period. Just as Robert Englund is Freddy. There's a reason the Jackie Earle Haley "Nightmare" reboot didn't go to franchise.