Watch The First Teaser For Danish SciFi EXODUS

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Watch The First Teaser For Danish SciFi EXODUS
Though it would have been inconceivable to suggest even five years ago the Nordic countries now appear to be embracing bold, high concept science fiction in a way they never have before. And a project very much worth keeping an eye on is director Tommy Ipsen's Exodus.

Produced by Richard Georg Engström at TSOMM Pictures with support from the Danish Film Institute Exodus is a proposed sci-fi fantasy project for multi media platforms (film, tv series, games, novels) currently wrapping a feature film pilot to present at the Berlin Film Festival 2013 starring Thomas Chaanhing, Cyron Melville (A Royal Affair, The Killing), Brigitte Nielsen (yes, the former Mrs Stallone), Matias Varela (Snabba Cash / Easy Money) and Kristofer Hivju who starred in the remake of The Thing and will be Tormund Giantsbane in the upcoming third season of Game Of Thrones.

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While that cast is already reason to take notice it's only the starting point. Things get really interesting once you learn of Ipsen's plans for the visual style. You see, Ipsen is smart enough to know that European budgets will never allow him to go toe to toe with US productions if he approaches his far future space opera - the story revolves around a far future human settlement on a distant planet populated by mindless giants - and so he's doing something entirely different.

Ipsen has hired internationally acclaimed concept artist Thomas Pringle - who just did work on Cloud Atlas, though his resume runs far deeper than just that - to help create and design the world. But rather than then hiring other people to create other work based on Pringle's art, Ipsen will be using the source material itself in Exodus. The goal is something that has never quite been done before - a fusion of live action on green screen, concept art, 3D modeling, animation and a rare lightning technique to create something entirely unique. So, yes, the three pieces of art included here are concept art for the project but they are also considerably more than that.

Engstrom, Ipsen and their team have prepared an extended pilot / test episode of Exodus to present the project to potential partners and backers at the European Film Market - interested parties can contact them here - and having brought you the first concept art back in December, ScreenAnarchy is proud to present the first trailer for the Exodus pilot / test episode now. Check it below.


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