New Trailer For THE LAST DAYS Intensifies Apocalyptic Chaos And Fear

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New Trailer For THE LAST DAYS Intensifies Apocalyptic Chaos And Fear
David and Alex Pastor's first feature film, Carriers, was a creepy film set in a deserted America where a plague was slowly killing the population. In their second feature,The Last Days, they're taking the apocalypse back to their native Spain. This time, the epidemic is psychological: agoraphobia. 

It's quite a frightening thought, as food sources would dwindle pretty rapidly, so the chaos is not hard to imagine. Deserted cities always look creepy, but even more so in such an architecturally beautiful and usually very busy place such as Barcelona. In this second trailer, more of the story is revealed, as well as some incredible shots of the underground/interior fortresses the remains of humanity have built themselves.

In 2013, humanity is suddenly plagued by an intense fear of open spaces that leads to death. Barricading themselves inside buildings and underground, it's not long before civilized society crumbles. Marc is desperate to be reunited with his girlfriend Julia, but must figure out how to find her without going outside.

The film features a cast who should be known to many Spanish genre film fans, including Marta Etura (Sleep Tight), Leticia Dolera (REC Genesis) and José Coronado (The Body). With shades of 28 Days Later and Twelve Monkeys, the trailer is very impressive. It's in Spanish with no subtitles, but I think the story is pretty clear. This is one to keep an eye on.
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Sasa RankovicFebruary 13, 2013 8:08 AM

Totally not aping Metro 2033 in metro stations, and such...